Apr 4, 2011

One Piece 620 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 620

One Piece 620 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 620 Predictions
One Piece 620 Spoilers
One Piece 620 Raw Scans

One Piece 620 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, 620 Spoilers, Raws Manga 621

One Piece 620
One Piece 620 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 620 Predictions
One Piece 620 Spoilers
One Piece 620 Raw Scans

One Piece 620: The Theme Park we dreamed of (yarned for)
Verification : Confirmed

Cover Story: Island of Rare Animals
Gaimon got a girlfriend! Sarfunkel, a woman in a barrel
(Probably a joke on Simon & Garfunkel)

Ryuguu Palace, in the corridors
The soldiers in the castle all got out safely, except for the King
They are going to reinforce their forces and return
In Gyoverly Hills, that NFP lieutenant that laughs "Muhhihhi" is seen
In front of the Fishman Cultural Hall, Hyouzo
At the Marine Shopping Mall, that striped NFP lieutenant is forcing people for "fumie"
(In feudal Japan, fumie was a picture of Jesus that they made people step on, to find out the christians as Christianity was banned)
He tells them they either step on the picture or leave the island
At the Town of Watermill, Prince Fukaboshi is seen enraged.
The picture of the fumie was that of Queen Otohime, his deceased mother.

At the Coral Hill, people are talking after Luffy & Co left the area
Cariboo was in the shadows, and saw Princess Shirahoshi
He is scheming how she is 7-8 times the size of a normal mermaid, so she'll fetch a heafty price at auction

Scene changes to the Forest of Sea
Jinbe tells Shirahoshi that he will save the king
Sanji brings tea, but Nami cuts him off (?)
Nami wants to hear Jinbe. Sanji heard fro Yosaku, so he knows already
Two years ago when Sanji saw Luffy and Jinbe on the newspaper, he was confused
He was thinking Jinbe was a scheming one like Arlong
Sanji: Hey Jinbe... If you want to give excuses, we'll hear it. But you better watch your tongue...
To tell you the truth, Nami-san's home town was the one under Arlong's rule.
She herself is one of those who had to endure unending pain and misery...
I may not forgive you, depending on your tale...!!
Hachi also admits they scarred her beyond redemption
Small flashback of Nami, Nami's face is saddened
When she saw Shabaody Park two years ago, she coudln't believe her eyes.
It was very identical to Arlong Park

Hachi starts telling the story (long story short, the fishmen longed for the world humans lived in)
Jinbe starts telling his tale.
"Two people rose to do something about racism of humanity, and the predicament of fishmen. Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger.
But the fact the Pirates of the Sun who stood against the world government was out free in the sea worked against Otohime's work to try and bring peace and friendship between human and their kind.
Queen Otohime tried to endure the painfull times, and change the future.
Fisher Tiger gave up on the future, and instead took action to free the slaves right now.
I cannot judge who was right and who was wrong... But I.... "

Flashback starts. 15 years ago, Grand Line
Fisher Tiger stands, in between Jinbe and Arlong.


One Piece 620: A Fishman's Lament
Verification : Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Grand Line

Taka Island

11 years ago
Arlong:*holding a male citizen up by his neck*Shahahaha!! I'll say it once more human scum. Tell me where your treasure is.
Human:*struggling*n-n-never...you damn....monster.
Arlong:*grins*monster huh?
Human:*is thrown down*

PG 2
Arlong:*takes Kiribachi off his back*You dare say that to the ultimate race.
Arlong:*slashes down*

PG 3
Jinbei:*arrives on the island and sees that dead humans are scattered all over the place*?!
Arlong:*walks up to Jinbei. Being followed by Hachi,Kuroobi and Chew with them all carrying bags of loot*Mission acomplished boss.

PG 4

On the Sunny Pirates Ship
Jinbei:Arlong, you and your little gang have done nothing but make the names of Fishmen into exactly what the public sees us as. Monsters. I cant have you going from island to island, massacring humans when your only job is to scout out for treasure and supplies.
Arlong:*smirks*so what are you saying boss? Your cutting me from the crew for killing a few worthless humans.
Jinbei:*glares*Yes. Thats it precisely.
Arlong:*takes Kiribachi off his back*well maybe I dont wanna follow your orders anymore.

PG 5
Hachi:*draws his swords*Nyuu, yeah its time for you to step down. Nyuu.
Chew:I dont want to, but if your gonna stand in our way then we have no choice.
Kuroobi:*fishman karate stance*Jinbei-sama, you taught me well,but I must follow what I think is right.
Jinbei:*closes eyes*I dont want to hurt you 4, but I will if I must.

PG 6
Arlong/Hachi/Chew/Kuroobi:*lunge forward*
Jinbei:*eyes still closed*Fishman Karate.....

PG 7
Jinbei:Arabesque Brick Fist
Arlong/Hachi/Chew/Kuroobi:*are knocked off the ship*
Jinbei:*looks at Arlong*
Arlong:*surfaces*damn you
Jinbei:*jumps in the sea*

PG 8
Arlong/Chew/Hachi/Kuroobi:*notice the water turns into a whirlpool*?!
Jinbei:*thinking as he prepares to send them flying*Humans of the East Blue, im sorry, but this man is just too hateful of you to stop killing and I cant kill a fellow fishman so carelessly. So just take this evil on behalf of the rest of your race in the other 3 Blues.
Arlong Crew:*is blasted away with Jinbei's Ocean Current Shoulder Throw*

PG 9

Sea Forest

Present Time
Jinbei:*bows to his head*Im sorry Luffy-kun! I let Arlong reek havoc in the East Blue for my own selfish reasons! I heard of his doings and could've easily stoped him,but I turned my head from it! If not for you Strawhats, he probably would still be causing nothing but misery! If you never forgive me I understand, but please aknowledge the fact that I am sorry!

PG 10
Luffy:Hey Nami, what do you think?
Nami:*walks up to Jinbei* well first off, stand up Jinbei.

PG 11
Nami:*grabs him by his shirt and glares into his eyes*let me tell you 3 things I lost because of you. 1. my mother, 2. my village, and 3. my freedom
Jinbei:*looks torn*
Nami:*smiles*now let me tell you 3 things I gained because of you.
Nami:1. Friends

PG 12
Nami: 2. an idiotic,but loving captain
Nami: and the most important thing.....

PG 13
Nami: *money eyes*money!!!!
Strawhats:*fall to the ground*

PG 14
Nami: *turns and folds arms*and your right Jinbei, I'll never forgive you for unleashing Arlong into my life.
Jinbei:*anime sulks*
Nami:but I accept your apology and since you kept Luffy from being too stupid 2 years ago, I'll forget about it for now.
Jinbei:*bows*thank you so much Nami-san.

PG 15
Nami:now then, whats the game plan captain?
Luffy:*grins*simple. Find this Hodi Jones creep, kick his ass,save the guys, eat some meat,then leave.
Jinbei:uh Luffy-kun, Im afraid it wont be that easy.
Luffy:eh?! why not?!

PG 16
Jinbei: Jones isnt that strong on his own, with the help of energy steroids, there is almost no limit to his power.
Hachi:nyuu!! not to mention he has Vander Decken and many powerful subornates on his side. If the commanding officers werent with him, then they must of scattered all over the island. nyuu!
Jinbei:any I know about?
Hachi: Hyouzo is one of them.
Jinbei:its worse than I thought.

PG 17
Sanji:*smirks*by the sound of it we're up against a small army.
Sanji:calm down, I said "small".

PG 18
Jinbei: I still have a few Sunny Pirates on my side, but only 12 or 15 at best.
Fukaboshi:*arrives with his brothers and all the palace guards and ministers* Im sure we could help with that Jinbei.
Shirahoshi:big brothers!!
Fukaboshi: we've been told the situtation and will asist you all in saving our kingdom.

PG 19
Wadatsumi:*lands on the scene*woooaah!!!
Vander Decken:*on his shoulder*finally caught up with y- what the hell is this? An alliance?

PG 20

Group Shot
Jinbei:*stands on Luffy's right with his arms folded*
Fukaboshi:*stands on Luffy's left with his trident on his shoulder*
Luffy:*stands in the middle cracking his knuckles*
Together: Hell Yeah!!


Be this a confirmed spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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