Apr 2, 2011

FORTVILLE Singapore - Relaunched!

I have posted something about Fortville Apartments Singapore some months ago.  And as mentioned, they are actually offering apartments for rent, in Singapore of course.

In the past eight months, they were doing a major upgrading.  They aimed to modernize the apartments.  On 1st April 2011, the had a few units opened for rental.  But right now, they are offering a different format for their apartments.   You can see the old apartment setting here: Fortville Apartments 2010. They are currently offering three types of apartments for rental : Studio type, a 1-Bedroom type and a 1+1 type.

This is what the new Fortville Singapore looks like right now:

Fortville Singapore Cheap Apartments in Singapore Fortville Apartments Cheap hotels in Singapore house for rent in singapore
Fortville Singapore
19 Fort Rd, Singapore 439088

As you can see, the new Fortville looks very majestic!  And not only that, the new and modernized apartment units are more than majestic!

And here is what they currently offering:

♦ apartments are fully furnished (lcd tv, washing machine, dyer, etc)
♦ apartment sizes are as follows:
     Studio type           430 sqft
     1-Bedroom type   560 sqft
     1+1 type               800 sqft
♦ all units are fully air-conditioned
♦ all units have kitchen counters and cooking equipment (fridge, stove, microwave, elect kettle, etc)
♦ free three-times-a-week housekeeping and general cleaning
♦ free cable TV (world news, education, entertainment, HBO only)
♦ free Internet! (vie wifi and/or cable)
♦ free local calls from our landline phones
♦ free utilities – no cap
♦ Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Gym, Cover Carpark

And like what I have mentioned before, all you have to bring are your undies and your toothbrush!
Contact them now!

Fortville Apartments
19 Fort Road, Singapore 439088
Tel : +65 6345-2877       Fax : +65 6345-2792  
eMail : marketing@forthavens.com.sg

As far as I know, rental rates starts from SGD$ 3,200 per month.  I bet this will be for the Studio type.  Anyway, just give them a call or shoot an email to them.

Don't worry, you wont be paying me any commission for discovering Fortville through this little website of mine.  But it really doesn't hurt if you mention - "JackDi.com" - my website to them.  For all we know, they might give you better deals if you did.  :-)  Who knows?!

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