Feb 9, 2011

One Piece 614 : Spoilers - Predictions - Confirmed Spoiler - Raw Scans

One Piece 614
One Piece 614 Spoilers
One Piece 614 Predictions
One Piece 614 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 614 Raw Scans

ONE PIECE 614 Manga

One Piece 614
One Piece 614 Spoilers
One Piece 614 Predictions
One Piece 614 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 614 Raw Scans


One Piece 614: What’s done is done

Verification: Confirmed
Source: Ap forums
Credits: Aohige/ Mr. T

(Now, this isn’t verified fully yet, but since it matches T’s verification, I’m gonna trust it for now. And it sounds so much like Oda) 

Cover art: From the deck of the world vol.2 "Fuusha village"
Makino is cuddling a child 

Usopp: Look, you over did it!!
Brook: That’s correct!! You need to repent!
Zoro: YOU guys started the fight! You’re all in this together!
Usopp: We were just gonna intimidate them and run!
Nami: I was just enjoying sight seeing and shopping…
Zoro: What’s done is done!! Stop yapping!!
Neptune and other mermen are all tied up
Neptune: Owww……
Usopp: No, this isn’t just gonna be overlooked like that!! What kind of terrible pirates would "accidentally" take over the Ryuuguu Palace!?
Zoro: Then are you saying we should have just lost to them!?
Usopp: I’ve been saying this over and over, that we need to find the right timing to RUN!
Zoro: We don’t know how to get out of here, and Luffy isn’t here!
Usopp: Yeah, that’s right!! Where the hell is Luffy!?
Camie: Oh…my… god..
Pappag: I can’t believe you guys
Nami: We’re really in a hurry, so don’t tease us and tell us!
Usopp: Yeah, where is Luffy…
Nami: Where is the treasury?
Usop: STOOOPP THAT!!!!!!
Nami: Eh…. how come? (innocent eyes)
Usopp: Stop acting so innocent! Be a little more prudent!!
Brook: Alright, when times are tough, lets sing and be happy! Come on!
Usopp: And you shut up too, Soul King!!
Right minister: Neptune your highness, are you alright…?
I can’t believe the Knigth of the sea King Neptune ends up like this…
Neptune: Muuun….. My bad back hurts too much to fight… boy am I getting old for this. I failed…sorry!
Right minister: When Prince Fukaboshi, Ryuuboshi, and Manboshi, the three greatest warriors of the Neptune army return… don’t you think you’ll get away in one piece!!  If we fill the castle with water, they wouldn’t’ have stood a chance… but all the water got drained!
Zoro: Anyways, we can’t stay on Fishman Island anymore. Where is Sunny? We need to gather up and head out right away
Usopp: But the coating on Sunny came off when we rammed into this island!?
Nami: And the Log Pose is acting up the whole time!! Ever since we got here, it doesn’t look like it’s locking on…
Left minister: I can’t believe this… a simple pose like that won’t let you sail through the New World, you clueless pirates…!
Nami: What? This doesn’t work? What do you mean?
Left minister: If you let me free of my bindings, I’ll tell you
Nami: Hmmm…

Ring!! Ring!!! (doorbell ringing)

Right minister: A-Hah!! That must be Prince Fukaboshi!
Zoro: Yes, who is it?
Fukaboshi: It’s me Fukaboshi!! What is happening on that side!?  Please drop down the gate pass and open the main gates and the royal gate to the palace!!
Zoro: What happens when I open them? No, that’s not happening.
Usopp: Hey!!! What the hell are you saying!? Just tell them what happened honestly!
Pappag: Yeah!! I mean, can you tie me and Camie up too!? We’ll be labeled accomplices otherwise!
Camie: Zoro-chin you’re scary….
Fukaboshi: Which one of the Straw Hat pirates are you?
Neptune: Fukaboshi!! He is the three-swords style swordsman of Straw Hat Pirates with the bounty of 160 million berries!! And his name is Zori!!
Zoro: It’s ZORO!!
Fukaboshi: Father!
Zoro: As you heard, we have Neptune and many other hostages.  If you value their lives, get us ready to sail!!
What we need is our ship Thousand Sunny with coating done, and the other crew.  A pitch darkness woman, a robot, a racoon dog, and some perverted kappa.
Fukaboshi: I understand your demands… I’ll make sure you and your crew will sail from this island swiftly.  But you must promise me to hand over all the hostages safely!!  Bur first, one thing Zoro….
Zoro: hm?
Fukaboshi: I didn’t wish to give you this message in a situation like this but… I must honor Jinbe’s wishes.
"From the former Warlord Jinbe to Straw Hat Luffy"... I was told to give you two messages once you arrived.
Neptune: Jinbe…
Usopp: Oh yeah, he said… he’s friends with Jinbe!
Camie: He’s a pirate, but his a great man so well respected on this island!
Zoro: Luffy isn’t here, but I’ll tell him… Say it.
Fukaboshi: First one is…. don’t fight Hodi. And the next is! He’ll be waiting for him at the Forest of Sea!
These are the two messages.
Zoro: Forest of Sea? Hodi?

Fishman Island Coral Hill (Sango-hill)

Mermaid: They’ve really done it!! The Straw Hat pirates took over the Ryuugu Palace!! What are they after!?
Mermaid: I can’t believe it… they looked like good people… They must be the ones fortold in the fortune, and kidnapped the mermaids at the inlet as well! Everything’s happening like it was fortold!! Man, they’ve really shown their true colors now! Apparently some of their crewmate is in the backroom of the Mermaid Cafe!! The guards went for them right now!!
Chopper: Kung-fu Point!! Hai!! Haii!! Whoachaaa!!! (Kung-fu cries) Get out of the way!! Whoaaah!! Sanji is just getting over his sickness!! Don’t lay a hand on him!!
Guards: What is this creature!? He transformed!!
Chopper: What’s with this "come to the Ryuugu Palace" crap!! I know you’re trying to catch us!!
Sanji: Hey you….
Chopper: Sanji! Don’t move yet!!
Sanji: That Ryuugu Palace place… is she there…?
Guards: ???
Sanji: I mean, the mermaid princess
Guards: Yes she is, what about it!!
Sanji: Ok then, I’m going
Chopper: You’re going!? Haven’t you had enough already!? If she’s beautiful, you’ll die!

Ryuugu Palace Hardshelled Tower (Koukaku-tower)

Luffy: Heey! What are you doing!! Let’s go outside!
Shirahoshi: But I can’t Luffy-sama!! That would be wrong…
Luffy: You said you wanted to go somewhere!! If you stay locked up in this place for 10 years you’ll go nuts!
Shirahoshi: But… if I acted so selfish… I’d cause trouble for so many people…
Luffy: So where do you want to go?
Shirahoshi: To the Forest of Sea… but that’s just my dream, to really go out there, I just can’t…. *sob*
Luffy: Why are you crying just saying where you want to go!?
Shirahoshi: I.. I’m sorry, I can barely bring the courage to say it… please don’t get mad at me…
Luffy: Gosh you’re so tiresome.
Shirahoshi: T–tire…some… me….
Luffy: Alright alright! I’m sorry!

Don! Dodon!!

Shirahoshi: Kya!!
Luffy: What’s with the huge noise!? Is he throwing something at us again!? Man, what a jerk

Neptune: What’s this!? What’s that sound!? Could it be Decken’s spears!? It’s coming from the Hardshelled Tower!!
Shirahoshi is in danger!!! Are the guards with her!?
Mermaid Guards: No, everyone’s captured here
Neptune: Hey you pirates!! Go make sure the princess is fine in place of the guards!
Zoro: Eh? What are you talking about
Neptune: The Hardshelled Tower is north east of the castle!! You go right now!!
Zoro: Why the hell is the hostage making demands!?
Neptune: Shut up!! Shirahoshi is my only daughter!! Due to circumstances, her life is in danger!! If something happens to my daughter, I will chase you down to the end of the sea!!!
Brook: You mean the mermaid princess!! If that’s the case, I shall sprint to her rescue!! And may I see her panties?
Left minister: Oh no!!! He’s running with a perverted motive!!!
Right minister: Wait up, Skeleton!! You don’t have to untie me, but take me with you!!
If something happens to the princess, I cannot bear to live another day!!
Brook: Ah, you like that too. (Brook mistakes his motive as wanting to see panties too lol) Brook carries the minister and runs with him (well, the Japanese way of saying the above is even if I die, I’d die with regrets, but the idea is the same)

Shirahoshi: I’ve always wanted to go to the Forest of Sea… all through out this 10 years… but I was told it’s dangerous outside the tower… Everyone cautions me… and I was so afraid to leave for outside… Luffy-sama, are you really going to take me outside?
Luffy: Yeah
Shirahoshi: And you will really protect me?
Luffy: Yeah, leave it up to me
Shirahoshi: Ueeeeenn *cries*
Luffy: Hey, if you’re gonna cry I won’t take you! And to be honest you have to take me there, I can’t swim
Shirahoshi: I’m sorry, I’m just so happy…
Luffy: Man!! You’re such a crybaby!! And such a wimp! But if we go outside, you’re so big they’ll notice you right away.. so I have a great plan!
Right minister: Hey you Skeleton! Look around the tower!
Brook: huh?
Right minister: Unbelievable…!! It’s not the usual knives and axes that came flying this time!! They were the sounds of human pirates crashing into the tower!!! What insane act is this… how inhumane, Vander Decken!!!
Brook: Whaat!? Vander Decken!?
Right minister: They’re getting up!! This isn’t looking good… into this impenetrable Ryuuguu Palace!!! They managed to send in enemy footmen!!  This is a surprise attack!! The king’s life is in danger!! And the Princess is in danger!!
Luffy: It sounds like the attacks stopped. Alright, let’s go wimp!
Shirahoshi: Yes!! Please, Megalo!!
Luffy: Go Shark!!! To the Forest of Sea!!
Megalo jumps out of the door, holding Princess in his mouth
Brook: Huh!? Luffy-san!?

end of 614

T also commented that it looks like Megalo somehow got huge, as he’s carrying the princess in his mouth lol


One Piece 614
Title: Rumble in Ryugu Palace
Verification : Prediction/Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1
Back at Groverly Hills
Fukaboshi:search every corner,building, and even rock men! We have to find the rest of the Strawhat crew!
Palace soldiers:yes sir!!
Palace soldiers:*3 walk down an alley*
Robin:*from a rooftop*Seis Fleur
Palace soldiers:*six hands sprout and grab them all*?!

PG 2
Robin:*lands infront of them*Twist
Palace Soldiers:*groan in agony as their bodies are twisted and fall down*
Palace Soldiers:*more come around and see her*Stop right there!
Robin:darn it, they found me.
Palace Soldiers:*see a huge car fly at them*aahh!!

PG 3
Robin:*walks to the wreckage and looks to her left and smiles*oh it's you two
Chopper:*towering over Sanji in heavy point*Hey Robin!!
Sanji:*standing next to him while stepping on a soldiers head. heart eyes on*Robin-chan I missed you so!!
Robin:*giggles*same here.

PG 4
Splash/Splatter:*drop kick some soldiers*
Robin:who are those two?
Sanji:*looks extra pissed*please dont ask.
Robin:ok, well do you guys know where the others are?
Chopper:I heard that along with us, were invited to the palace,but then out of nowhere the guards started attacking us.
Robin:but for what I wonder?

PG 5
Fukaboshi:*arrives on the scene along with his brothers*Because of the prediction of Madam Shirley.
Fukaboshi:She had a prediction that your captain will destroy this island. And here predictions are always accurate, so we must take you all into custody.
Chopper:but we havent done anything.
Fukaboshi:you havent yet and thats all the reason we need to take you in.

PG 6
Manboshi:*dances around and sings alittle*ok guuysss geeet'em!
Palace Soldiers:*50 more charge at them*yes sir!!
Sanji:*lifts up leg and spins at them like a human top*Party Table:...
Sanji:*kicks 20 guards in the gut and sends them flying through the city*Gyro Kick Course

PG 7
Chopper:*jumps high in the air*
Palace Soldiers:*look up*?!
Chopper:*dives down with his elbow*Monster Bomber
Palace Soldiers:*10 are blown away*aahh!!!
Robin:*smiles as she is surrounded*Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano
Palace Soldiers:*stare as 2 giant hands appear*

PG 8
Robin:*slams the hands down*Slam
Palace Soldiers:*reamaining 20 are defeated*aahh!!
Princes:*cover eyes from huge explosion*
Ryuuboshi:*gasps and sings*theeeyyy're gooone?!
Palace Soldier:my lords, there seems to be a problem with the capture of the remaining Strawhats back at the palace.
Fukaboshi:I see, then lets head back.

PG 9
At the Palace
Zoro:*lands and skids back*
Neptune:*swings trident down*NEPTUUUNNEE!!!!
Zoro:*blocks with 2 swords as the ground breaks around him*
Zoro:*pushes him back and jumps to his face*
Nami:shouldnt we help him?
Brook:no, this right now is Zoro-san's fight. We mustn't interfere. Besides....

PG 10
Brook:*looks at the 2 nearly giant sized Palace Soldiers*we have to take these guys down first.
Huge Soldier #1:you damn humans are gonna pay for this!
Huge Soldier #2:yeah pay!

PG 11
Usopp:*aims black kabuto at them*I'd love to see that tuna breath!
Huge Soldier #1,2:*growls and vanish*Kiru
Usopp:*gasps*that speed...its just like the Soru thing that the World Government uses.
Nami:*notices scorch marks on the walls*they dont seem too good at it. I can follow them way to easy.

PG 12
Nami:*jumps and swipes down*like so!
Huge Soldier #1:*is hit in the head while being horriblly shocked*AAHH!!
Huge Soldier #1:*gets to his knees in pain*
Nami:*stands on his back and slams the tip of the pole on his back while shocking him severly*stay down!
Huge Soldier #1:*groans in pain and passes out*
Nami:how dare you get back up after getting hit by Bolt Staff!

PG 13
Huge Soldier #2:*appears behind Brook and slashes down with a sword*
Brook:*blocks it without turning around as the ground shatters around him*
Brook:*looks at him with an evil stare*such a weak slash.
Huge Soldier #2:*glares*what?!

PG 14
Usopp:*shoots a spiky plant an his face*Green Star: Exploding Cucumber
Huge Soldier #2:*plant explodes in his face and he is pushed back*ah!
Usopp:*grins*should've kept running.
Brook:*turns and slashes upward while jumping*Cresendo Slash
Huge Soldier #2:*blocks but sword breaks*?!
Huge Soldier #2:*falls on his back*

PG 15
Brook:*lands on his chest and points sword at him*surrender?
Huge Soldier #2:*crying*yeah me surrender!
Papagug:*shocked*even Bones and Girlie are scary!!
Keimi:what have they been through for the past 2 years?!

PG 16
Catfish Minister:*sees a huge Pufferfish Fishman enter the building*what the?
Puffing Jerry:Im here to bring the princess her hourlly meal.
Puffing Jerry:oh, well in that case, plz accept this as an appology Gahaha!
Thousand Sunny:*crashes in from behind him*
Franky:*on the ship*Thanks for the help Puffing Jerry!
Puffing Jerry:anything for my brother's student!
Thousand Sunny:*lands*
Franky:guys lets get of here. Robin told me about the situation.

PG 17
Manboshi:*lands on the ship with his legs out*youuuu arent going anywhereeee.
Franky:*turns around*
Manboshi:*punches at him*
Franky:*blocks but is knocked of the ship*
Manboshi:*lands and dances* fight fight fiiight!
Neptune:*in pain and holds himself up with his trident*my your good Zori.
Zoro:*looks up at him and smiles*its Zoro, and your pretty good yourself old man.
Fukaboshi:*lands infront of his father with his legs out*Care to continue to test you mettle "Pirate Hunter"?
Zoro/Fukaboshi:*charge and clash with each other*

PG 18
Ryuuboshi:*shoots at the ground infront of Usopp*Sttooop.
Ryuuboshi:*sings*preeepaaare to diiie!
Usopp:*grins and gets ready*sorry but I'm not gonna die today.
Nami:*running next to Brook:we'll go look for Luffy.
Fukaboshi/Ryuuboshi/Manboshi:Leave this island!!!
Zoro/Usopp/Franky:Make us!!!


Be this a spoiler or a prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge.

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