Feb 9, 2011

Naruto 527 : Spoilers - Predictions - Confirmed Spoiler - Raw Scans

Naruto 527
Naruto 527 Spoilers
Naruto 527 Predictions
Naruto 527 Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 527 Raw Scans


Naruto 527
Naruto 527 Spoilers
Naruto 527 Predictions
Naruto 527 Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 527 Raw Scans


Naruto 527
Verification : Prediction/Spoiler
Credits: SuperNinja

Kinkaku: "We're sorry kid, but it looks like this is your last battle."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku charge at Darui, Darui jumps and swings his sword at one of them but Kinkaku blocks it with his hand. Kinkaku's hand that blocked the sword gets covered in kyuubis chakra.
Kinkaku: "This is our partial kyubi chakra cloak ability, our hides are hard to breakthrough."
Kinkaku grabs the sword with his hand. Darui releases his hold on the sword and jumps away by pushing himself of the sword.
Darui (does hand seals): "Storm release jutsu!"
The water around them starts to rise in pillars. Darui sends electrical discharge intothe water. Lightning bolts start to dance around the water pillars and the water starts to boil.
Darui: "I'll use the water to prolong my lightning attack, this jutsu will last a while, as long as there's water around."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku get caught and paralyzed with electricity.
Meanwhile Kakuzu at the other side of the field notices Darui.
Kakuzu: "Haha, a lightning and a water user, his heart will be useful to me." (Kakuzu drops a guy he was killing and turns to face Darui)

Meanwhile Kankuro gets ready to retreat.
Kankuro: "Now!"

Kankuro's team takes the container with Deidara and starts running, Kankuro throws smoke bombs.
Kabuto (controlling the golems from afar): "You guys are not going anywhere."
Chiyo, Hanzo, Kimimaru and that other golem run after them. Kankuro retreats, but he runs backwards while he controls the Sasori puppet to fire at the zombies.
Kankuro: "You guys go ahead, don't let them get a hold of Deidara!"
Kimimaro runs beside Kankuro, but doesn't attack him.
Kankuro: "They are going for the container with Deidara?"
Chiyo attaches her strings to Sasori puppet and blocks it's actions.
Kankuro: "Shit, this isn't good!"
Hanzo does a water cannon attack on Kankuro. Kankuro releases the puppet and jumps down from a tree while the water cannon blasts a couple of trees but misses him. Chiyo with Sasori puppet, Hanzo and that other guy jump down and face Kankuro.
Kankuro: "I'm sorry it has come to this, granny Chiyo."
Kankuro opens his scroll and summons a couple of puppets.
Kankuro: "At least I'll be able to show you ... a puppet I created my self, my ultimate creation."

Darui (holding a hand seal): "I'll increase my lightning release and turn these two to dust, then I can seal them before they regenerate."
Kakuzu grabs Darui with his tentacles which forces Darui to release the seal. Darui grabs Kakuzus tentacles and electrocutes him which breaks Kakuzus hold on him. Darui jumps away to have all three facing him. Now Darui faces Kinkaku, Ginkaku and Kakuzu. What he gonna do now????


Naruto 527
Verification : Prediction/Spoiler

Kage's Panel:

Third Raikage: Hey what the hell are we still doing here?
Muu: We do not know, we cannot move our bodies!
Second Mizukage: If I can break this seal, I'll kill you all!
Fourth Kazekage: You're all talk. That Bandaged Kage killed you. If I was given the chance to live with your generation then I would've done it, moron.
Muu: Enough! Enough! We still have things to deal with.
Third Raikage (in mind): A! B! A, Are you still in control of the village? B, are you still the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi?

The Kages move to the battlefield!

Darui vs KinGin panel
Darui: Kinkaku and Ginkaku-sama! We have no other choice!
Kinkaku: Indeed, not even the Second Hokage had one!
Ginkaku: Time to strike!
Kinkaku and Ginkaku: Double Clothesline!
Darui: Shit! This is the end! Not!
Darui attacks with black lightning.
Kinkaku & Ginkaku: Fuck!
Ginkaku: We underestimated the Third Raikage's lightning power.
Kinkaku: But the show must go on!
The brothers are cloaked with chakras!

Hyuuga Twins panel:
Hizashi: My body is moving against my will, brother.
Hiashi: I cannot do anything about that.
Hizashi: Just a favor I am asking, save me!
Hiashi: We have to fight.
Kabuto: Hmm. It would be nice to bring back the hatred between these twins.
Hizashi loses his state of mind.
Hizashi: BRING IT ON
Hizashi uses the gentle fist style but Hiashi avoids it.

Naruto panel
Naruto: Hey! Yamato-sensei, where the hell are you? I want to go back to the village
Aoba: I told you, he's out on a mission!
Naruto:You didn't tell me that!
Aoba: Err, stupid kid.
Motoi: Hey, calm down, Aoba, we've got to tell him the truth.
Motoi: Naruto, the war has started, and Yamato got captured by Akatsuki.
Naruto: *grins in anger* Fucking Akatsuki! I will take him bhack.
Motoi: No, you've got to stay here. I do not underestimate your power but you will be captured!
Naruto: I don't care! Bring me to Kakashi-sensei!
Aoba: No, stay here, please, Naruto. If you get captured, we'll all die!

Gaara panel

Gaara: Dad.
Fourth Kazekage: Hmm. Gaara, you've grown up. The Sand Village couldn't deal with you, so, the purpose of my return, is to put you to death.
Gaara: You never changed dad, but I've forgiven you. I understood why you plotted countless assassination attempts against me. The death of mother, it was all your actions. I do not expect you to not fight me, but I need explanations!
Fourth Kazekage: Gaara! You!
Tears come down from the Fourth Kazekage's eyes.
Fourth Kazekage: I just wanted the Sand Village to be the most powerful Village in this world.
Gaara: For that cheap reason? I could've understood but why sacrifice mom
Gaara cries
Fourth Kazekage: I'm so sorry my son. Sorry enough will be never enough.
Gaara: I have forgiven you dad.
Kabuto: Shit! Too late
The Fourth Kazekage turns into ash.

Be these spoilers or predictions, it's all up to you. You be the judge.

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