Dec 14, 2010

One Piece 608 : Spoilers | Predictions | Raws

One Piece 608 : Spoilers
One Piece 608 : Predictions
One Piece 608 : Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 608 : Raw

Fishman Island


One Piece 608
Paradise Under the Sea
Status: Confirmed
Credits: Aohige_AP

The Strawhats fly into Fishman Island, but their coating comes off at it attaches itself to FI's larger bubble.
If they had gone through the right entrance, it would have been fine.
FI's bubble is double-layered, and there's air between the bubbles. The middle layer has sea in it.
But they were flying in so fast, they flew past that layer right into the sea bubble.
The Strawhats are flushed away in the sea, Camie comes and rescues Usopp, Sanji, and Luffy.
Luffy regains his conciousness. The whereabouts of the other crew is unknown at the moment.

Camie guides them around FI, they meet the mermaids.
Sanji is so moved, he cries even more than when he left Baratie lol
Barrel containing Cariboo also washed ashore, and a mermaid is about to open it...
Cariboo keeps silent.

Lastly, head of the leader of the New Fishmen Pirates appear in shilouette.
He says to bring the Straw Hat Luffy to him....

He has teeth like sharks, but seems to be wearing something on his head.
He has round, inflated face, and his front hair is wavy.

The New Fishmen Pirates lines
What a reckless entrance... they may have suicided there
You wanna chase them, Hammond? To inland? Not sure if they're still alive...
Yeah, we'll go... It'd be annoyhing if the Neptune Army found them first...
But let's get back to Noah first, and let the boss hear about this.
That Strawhat Luffy, the man who destroyed Arlong's goal, has arrived....

When Hammond went to tell the bossman, he looked very terrified.

And no, the boss' nose wasn't jagged like Arlong.

One Piece 608
Raw Scans

One Piece 608

One Piece 608

One Piece 608


Chapter 608
Undersea Land Ho!
Status : Prediction / Spoiler
Credits: Blackleg Sanji

PG 1
Hammond:*sinister smile*well in that case...DIE STRAWHAT!!!
Giant Undersea Gorilla:*roars and swims at them*
Thousand Sunny:*Coup De Bursts out of the way in the nick of time and shoots at Fishman Island*

PG 2
Hammond:*looks up at them*dont let them get away!
Monsters:*attack at the strawhats*
Brook:*steps up and straps on his guitar*I shall stop them.
Chopper:huh? really?

PG 3
Brook:*strums his guitar and plays a slow tempo*Halt all your roaring my friends. We are the Strawhats and we dont want to meet our ends. I know your hungry but dont be hasty. I see something else much more tastyyyyy.

PG 4
Sanji:SAY WHAT?!
Monsters:*get a hungry look in their eyes*
Chopper:*shocked*its working?
Brook:*slows it down* what do you want with me, a man with not meat. just turn around and enjoy an undersea treat.
Brook:*rocks out*SO DONT EAT US MY GIANT BEAAASTS!!! GO!! EAT THE FISHMEN AND HAVE A FEAAAAST!!! *strums his guitar one last time*
Monsters:*roar in excitement*

PG 5
Hammond:*looks up and sees the monsters come back*what the hell?
Monster Giraffe:*is attacked as Hammond is on it*

PG 6
Franky:*steers the ship directlly into the entrance of Fishman Island*
Fishman guard 1:is that a ship?
Fishman guard 2: *freaks out*yea and it isnt stopping! open the door quicklly
Sunny:*enters the giant bubble and floats in mid-air for a second*

PG 7
Usopp:*notices that the coating has disappeared and they are no longer surrounded by water*OH NO WERE GONNA CRASH DOWN!!!
Sunny:*is plummiting down toward a city*
Fishchild:*pulls on his mothers skirt*look mommy a ship.
Fishwoman:*sees it and gasps*

PG 8
Fishwoman:*shields her son*
???:*jumps off a roof and lands infront of them*

PG 9
Fishwoman:*looks up and smiles*oh its you Shamo, thank you so much.
Shamo:*a muscular manta ray Fishman places the ship down safely and looks at her*just doing my job mame.*looks at the ship*now to see who thees people are.

PG 10
Chopper:*walks alittle and sees he is surrounded by Fishmen*sc-sc-SCARY!!!
Shamo:*jumps on the ship and sees Luffy,Franky, and Nami unconciouss on the ship*Humans huh?
Shamo:*looks up*pirates by the look of it. I've seen that jolly roger before, but where?

PG 11
Shamo:*steps in something*hm?
Shamo:looks like they had some kind of mud in this barrel. These guys are weird.
Caribou:*appears behind him*yes they are.
Shamo:*turns and glares at him*and you are.
Caribou:Kehahaha! just the man who's gonna be famous for killing the Strawhat pirates. Now move it.

PG 12
Shamo:*grins*well since these guys are the Strawhats...*appears infront of him and places his hand on his chest*I cant let them die.

PG 13
Luffy:*wakes up and sees them*
Shamo:*plucks him in the chest*
Caribou:*is sent flying so fast he cant move a mucle and goes out of the FI bubble*
Luffy:*star eyes*so cool!!!

PG 14
Shamo:*looks at him and smiles*oh so your alive.
Luffy:*gets up*yeah, hey who are you anyway?
Shamo: Im King Jinbei's right hand man, Shamo.
Luffy:oh cool. well Shamo I have one thing to ask of you.
Shamo:like what?
Nami:*gets up and looks at them*Luffy?

PG 15
Brook/Usopp:*run away from an agry mob of Fishman soldiers*AAHH!!!
Usopp:Cant you just calm them down like with those sea monsters?
Brook:*serious face*i would but...*teary eyed*IM TOO SCARED!!!!

PG 16
Shamo:*grins*why sure, I'd be honored to join your crew.
Luffy:*is hit on the head hard and falls*
Nami:*clutching fist*dammit Luffy you never change do you?!
Luffy:*dizzy*sooorry Namiiii.
Shamo:*bows to her*please do allow me to be on this ship and forgive the actions of Arlong long ago when you look upon me.
Nami:*looks at him*......

PG 17
Nami:*sighs*if you help us find the rest of our crew, I'll think about it.
Shamo:*smiles widelly*yes of course.
Robin:*wakes Zoro up*Zoro, you might want to see this.
Zoro:*gets up and sees 2 tall fishmen with swords on their backs*Oh crap.

PG 18
Fishwoman:*goes into a hospital*Doctor you have to help this man.
Doctor: what happened?
Fishwoman:*puts person on table* I dont know, he just looked at me and his pusle stoped.
Doctor:this is bad, this man is in cardiatic shock!


P.S. On a scale of 1-5 how did you guys like the Brook song?

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