Dec 14, 2010

Naruto 521 : Spoilers | Predictions | Raws

Naruto 521 : Spoilers
Naruto 521 : Predictions
Naruto 521 : Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 521 : Raw Scans


Naruto 521 : Spoilers
Naruto 521 : Predictions
Naruto 521 : Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 521 : Raw Scans


Naruto 521
The Resurrection of Madara Uchiha
Verification : Prediction / Spoiler

Chapter opens up to Madara

Madara: Ah. So that how it works huh?
Kabuto: Precisely.
Madara thinking "what a fool. It's time to break this deal. In the end the snake falls dead to a bird."
Madara gazes at Kabuto.
Madara: Later.
Kabuto: ?!
Madara casts a genjutsu on Kabuto.
Kabuto: Silly Madara. This body. Is genjutsu proof.
Madara: Silly Kabuto. I lied to you. You met your fate.
Madara shouts Almighty Pull!!!
Kabuto: ?!!!
Kabuto is lifted from the surface and is drawn to Madara.
Kabuto: NO!
Kabuto makes a seal to command Torune to attack Madara.
Torune jumps through Madara.
Madara: Pathetic.
As Kabuto nears Madara. Madara catches a hold of Kabuto's neck.
Kabuto: WHY YOU?!
Madara: You talk to much. You're just a filthy snake.
Kabuto's snake begins to make a move, but then Madara rips Kabuto's soul out of the body and then the body becomes lifeless.

Madara: With this. I'll know everything you know. Thanks for coming along.
Madara throws Kabuto's body to the side.
Madara: Foolish Kabuto. At the time I didn't have the key to perfect this vessel. But now I do. However, Orochimaru must knew that Sasuke holds the pure eyes of the six paths. Sasuke is near achieving that goal... When he does.. Those eyes will be mine.
Madara: Lets get this show started up shall we.
Madara makes a seal and commands Torune to come to his side.
Madara: Hop like a bunny.
Torune hops likes a bunny..
Madara: Excellent jutsu.

Madara takes Kabuto's edo equipment.
Madara summons a mysterious figure.
Madara: You and I. Will rule the world. Let us march. Brother.
Izuna: Izuna opens his eyes...
Izuna: Brother. You bastard! You!

Madara makes a seal.
Madara: Be grateful that I given you a second chance.
Madara thinking
"Kabuto planned to use him on me all along. What a bastard."
Madara uses his Timespace jutsu to warp somewhere.

- Scene switches to Kitsuchi -
Random Hyuuga: They're coming!!
Kitsuchi: Here I go!
Kitsuchi springs into the air doing a series of flips and then makes a light thud onto the surface. Around him is the earth crumbling into a series of boulders.
Random Hyuuga: Wow. You're strong!
Kurosuchi: That's my dad!!
Random Sensor: No! watch out!

Zetsu emerges from the ground.
Kitsuchi: Tch. Earth users eh?
Zetsu: Feeding time! Weeee!!!
Kitsuchi: There's more of them.

A horde of Zetsu makes a stampede and is met with a series of shuriken and Kunai halting a few in their steps.

Random Ninja: Oh man!! I'm scared.
Kurosuchi: Man up! You're a special jounin of the mist!
Random Ninja: Oka..okay!

- Scene switches to the Cloud -
Madara appears in the valley where the alliance stood.
Raikage: This mo*th*f*cka made it through?!!
Tsuande: Tch!
Tsuchikage: Madara Uchiha. An old adversary of mine..
Madara brings out Izuna, The First Tsuchikage and a mysterious shadowy figure.
Madara: Men. We march across the valley. With our blades we shall shed the blood of our enemies.

Raikage: Back me up Oonoki!
Raikage darts out the window.

Madara: An angry Raikage approaches from the distance. He will make a formidable test subject for my new powers.
Izuna: Lets go meet him. Brother.
Madara: Yes.
Madara darts forth and closes up on the Raikage sending his fist towards the Raikage's jawline.
Raikage spots Madara head on and sends his fist to meet Madara's.. A powerful shockwave is created.
Izuna appears over the Raikage performing handseals..
Tsuchikage smacks Izuna away with a cylinder.

Raikage: Tch. You won't go near my brother.
Madara: Watch me! - Vanishes-
The First Tsuchikage emerges from the ground. Oonoki and you. Shall face me.
Oonoki: Raikage. Tsuande will send back up.
Raikage: Okay.
Oonoki: This shouldn't take long though.

- Scene switches to Naruto -
Naruto: Arggh!! Almost got it.
Madara: Got what?
Killerbee: ?!
Madara: And I know everything about you and your friend. Anyways. lets stop with the chit chat. You two are coming with me.

Killerbee: Bring it m*th*f*cka! 
-Bee goes Type 2-

Naruto: Lets go! 
-Naruto goes Rikudo Mode-

Madara: Two on one? Not fair at all. I'll bring my buddy along.
Madara summons the sage of six paths.
Naruto: ?!
Killerbee: !!!

The Six Paths eyes open. He has the hair of Naruto and Sasuke. His face is like Minato's..
Six Paths steps from the coffin next to Madara.

-Next time: The Legendary Battle -


Chapter 521 
Meeting Once More.
Verification:  Prediction / Spoiler
Credits : Itachikillsnaruto

more predictions here

- Madara’s camp
Kabuto: well that’s how impure world resurrection works.
Madara: I see

Kabuto vanishes
Madara warps a container filled with blood and a scroll.

Madara draws the symbols he saw on Kabuto’s scroll on to a blank scroll, pores some of the blood from the container on the scroll and summons one of the Zetsu clones. Madara then uses impure world resurrection, and bring back his brother Izuna.

Back with Kakashi’s group.
Kakashi: That’s the ambush squads signal flare. everyone move out.
Gai: Kakashi lets race to see who gets there first.
Kakashi: Gai you do realize that were in the middle of a battle right and your not 100% healed yet from your injuries do to release the inner gates.
Gai: I healed thanks to the power of youth !!!!! Does his crazy grin.

Kakashi makes a disappointed faces and the group continues to meet the ambush squad.

- Kitsuchi and his group.
Intel nin: Kitsuchi there seems to be an army of 20,000 and 25-30 of there units are underground.
Kitsuchi: I see, so were are to attack the enemy units that are making there way underground.
Intel nin: Yes that will prevent them from flanking us or making any surprise ambushes.
Kitsuchi: Ok troops ill need all my earth affinity user to come to the front were going to stop the under ground units here.
Kitsuchi: Lets make preparations to stop there unit and ambush them here.

-Back with kankuro and the ambush squad.
Zabuza: Haku I don’t like this one bit.
Haku: I understand, I agree that were in rather crazy situation, to think we would be brought back from the dead.
One of the nins:  It doesn’t matter to me now ill at least be able to have some fun it was boring being dead.

Zabuza: Haku, and the other nin get ready for the incoming assault.
Zabuza:  Release your jutsu Haku once the mist is thick.
Zabuza performs some hand seals and uses his hidden mist jutsu.

Haku: Yes.

Haku then releases the jutsu.

- In the air
Sai: Where did this mist come from.
Nin w/ him:  Im not sure maybe it’s a jutsu.

Something comes out of the mist and Sai barely dodges it.

Sai: What was that just now it was cold.
Haku (on the ground): They barely dodged my ice senbon.

Kankuro launches his puppet sasori at Zabuza, Zabuza dodges it’s attack.
Zabuza it seems we have been flanked haku continue your attack on the enemy in the air, you nin ( don’t now his name) you attack any thing that moves from in front of us ill attack anything from the back.

Kankuro secret black art.


Guys... whether these are predictions or spoilers or fansub.... you be the judge...


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