Oct 12, 2010

Purinsesubanameri - my Japanese Princess


Written in Japanese characters above, Purinsesubanameri is my Japanese Princess.  Spelled out in English, it's my Princess Bona Marie!

My daughters are in the same school.  Ate Bon is in grade 4(primary 4) level while Baby Ann is in grade 2.  Like what i have stated yesterday, their school is having this Ms. United Nations 2010.  This means, I got two little beauty queens in the school pageant - Ms Fiji and Ms Japan.  This is awesome!

The school is up to 6th primary level.  They also have a lot of students.  Thus, by drawing lots, the school admin scheduled the program in phases.  Yesterday was for the 2nd graders, while today is for the 4th graders.  Next will be the 1st graders, then the 5th & 6th graders, and lastly the 3rd graders.
the country flag of JAPAN

As usual, my wife prepare everything.  The Yukata(japanese costume), the speech, the flag, make-up, the hair-dressing, the sash and the camera.  She is really into this!

Since the country flag of Japan is very easy to make, my wife took care of it already.  She just printed one red circle in the center of a white paper, and there it goes.  My only part is : the greetings.

This is easy enough for me because I know a little Japanese language myself.

Basic Japanese Words and Phrases

Hello.  -  Konnichiwa.
Hello (when answering the phone) - Moshi-moschi
Good morning.  -  Ohayou.
Good morning (formal) - Ohayou gozaimasu.
Good afternoon.  -  Konnichiwa.
Good evening.  -  Konbanwa.
Good night.  -  Oyasuminasai.
Good bye.  -  Sayounara.
See you later.  -  Matane.
Take care.  -  Kiwotsukete.
How are you?  -  Choushiwadou?
I'm fine.  -  Genkidesu.
Thank you.  -  Arigatou.
What's your name?  -  Onamaewa?
My name is Bona.  -  Watashino namaewa Bona desu.
Nice to meet you.  -  Oaidekite ureshiidesu.
Thank you for your help.  -  Osewani narimashita.
You are welcome.  -  Douitashimashite.
I really appreciate it.  -  Hontouni kansha shiteimasu.
Yes.  -  Hai !.
No.  -  Iie
That's right.  -  Sonotouridesu.
I understand.  -  Wakarimashita.
I don't know.  -  Shirimasen.
No, thank you.  -  Iie, kekkoudesu.
I'm sorry.  -  Gomennasai.
I'm sorry I'm late.  -  Okurete sumimasen.
Excuse me.  -  Sumimasen.
May I help you?  -  Goyoudeshouka?
Please say it again.  -  Mouichido ittekudasai.
Really?  -  Honto?
Pardon?  -  E?

He-he-he!  I listed a lot but for this school pageant's sake, I actually need two phrases only.
Hello.  -  Konnichiwa.
Thank you.  -  Arigatou.

By the way, just in case you are interested, here is where I had the Japanese name translation » KeiichiAnimeForever.com .  Just type in your name and they'll give you the results in two versions - Katana and Hiragana, just like these » Princess Bona Marie.  Dont forget to click on the translated character. It's because if your name is too long, the space provided doesn't seem to display it all.


The school pageant for the 4th graders has closed.  To get a crown or no crown, 
she is 
Japanese Princess Bona Marie.

Here are to pictures of my Japanese Princess:
Japanese Pricess Bona Marie



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