Oct 11, 2010

My Ms. Fiji

Today, my 8 year-old daughter, Baby Ann will be having an activity in the school.  She's in grade 2 (primary 2) level.  In observance of the UN Week,  the school is having a "Ms. United Nations 2010".  The activity runs from October 11, 2010  to October 15, 2010.  As usual, the young students are very enthusiastic to enter into this school pageant.  In the classroom, they were made to choose as to which country they would represent.  Famous countries were US, China, Spain, UK and Korea.  My baby took the same country that she took last year - Fiji!

The students are very excited about this school pageant, most especially the girls.  I guess, every little girl wants to join a beauty pageant when they grow up.  

But in the background, the guardians - the mothers to be precise are more excited than their kids!  These are graders, so the mothers will be preparing everything - the costume, the greetings, the sash, the speech, the country flag, the make-up, and a lot more.   And the camera of course!

Oh yeah.  In this activity, my wife is busier than her baby!  ☺  As if she's the one entering the school pageant.  I tell you its very true!   Well, parents as we are,  its only right to do so.

In the background of all this, my only part is to research on the flag and the Fijian greetings.  So here it is:

Fiji Flag My Baby Fiji Phrases Language Fortville Singapore rental apartments singapore cheap airfare online
the country flag of FIJI

The is the FIJI flag.  I can always print this on an A4 or letter size bond paper and attach a stick to it.  Then.... its already a country flag!

So easy!

But if you noticed, the blue shade is take most of the whole flag.  If i print that out direct to the paper, i will be wasting a lot of ink - an unnecessary cost, so to speak.  I am in-charge of this, so here is what i do.

Fiji Flag My Baby Fiji Phrases Language Fortville Singapore rental apartments singapore cheap airfare online
FIJI flag symbols to be
cut-out and pasted
on a blue paper

Using Microsoft's Paint, I just select-and-cut the two images inside the flag - the symbol of the Union Jack and the Shield Insignia. And had pasted it on a white background just like this figure in right.  I had this printed, trace-cut the images out and glued it on a blue paper or cartolina.   Tarahhhh!  A Fiji flag!

The second part of my task is about the Fijian greetings.  A simple Google search and its done.

Simple Fijian Phrases:

What is your name?   - o cei na yacamu(ni)?
My name is _____   - o yau o _______
_____   - na yacaqu o _______
Pleased to meet you   - ia (ni) bula
Where are you going?   - o sa lako ki vei?
Goodbye or See you latter   - ni sa moce
Yes   - io
No   - sega
Hello   – bula*
A warm Hello or Hello everybody  -  nisa bula vinaka
Good morning   - andra vinaka
How are you?   - o lai vei?
Please   - kere kere
Thank you or Thanks   - vinaka
Excuse me   – tulou
Eat   – kana
Come   – lako mai
Go   – lako tani

My baby does not need all these actually.  She only need two phrases: "Hello" and "Thank you".

Hello everybody   -  nisa bula vinaka
Thanks   - vinaka

Later on, after the school pageant, I'll try to post a few pictures in.

Ni ca moce!


At the end of the day, the  event finally closed.
My Baby Ann didn't win, but she is my crowned Ms. United Nations!

Here are two pictures of my Ms. Fiji :

My Little Ms. Fiji

Fiji Flag My Baby Fiji Phrases Language Fortville Singapore rental apartments singapore cheap airfare online
the Pageant Contestants

Ni ca moce!


  1. Or what you could have done to prevent all the hassle was to take the coloured printouts on blue coloured papers!

  2. Yes, you could be right on that Aashish. But i think i did was best.

    White ink color print is i think not yet invented.

    The white portions of the two symbols would turn to blue if i print it directly into a blue paper.

    Thanks for droppin' by.

    - Jack -


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