Oct 17, 2010

One Piece 601 : One Problem After Another (Spoiler - Prediction)



One Problem After Another 
Status: Predictions/Spoiler 
By: Black Leg Sanji



* Fake Luffy:*looks confused*well, he kinda looks like that brat I met earlier.

* Luffy:*thinks*not this guy again.

* Fake Luffy:well just in case, hey Zeno,get over here.


* Zeno:*a white-haired child, looking roughly 10 or 12 approaches*as you wish captain Luffy.
* Luffy:huh? a little kid?
* Zeno:*bares fangs*IM NOT A KID!!!!
* Zeno:*slowly pulls out his sword* I am one strongest Supernovas to come here since "Captain" Kidd!!
* Information box:Captain of the Devil Pirates- "White Bat" Zeno- bounty:310,000,000


* Luffy:*thinking*this kid is no joke, his haki is pretty impressive.
* Fake Luffy:easy Zeno, i just you to rough the guy up a bit. I want him to suffer for humiliating me.
* Zeno:*sheathes sword*as you wish.


* Luffy:*waves hands infront of himself*uh sorry,but i dont have time for this. I have somewhere to be so...
* Zeno:*jumps at Luffy and punches*
* Luffy:*dodges it instantly with color of observation haki*


* a small giant sized shockwave is fired behind luffy*


* Zeno:soru *vanishes*
* Luffy:wait but thats-
* Zeno:*appears behind him, grabs his cape and throws him*
* Luffy:*in the air*whooa


Grove# 41

* Zoro:*with one sword out*had enough, #7?
* Sanji:*one knee up*thats my line, stupid one-eyed marimo!
* Old Man citizen:someone stop these roughians before they destroy the whole island!
* Female citizen:*points up*whats that flying this way?


* Zoro/Sanji:*look up*huh?
* Luffy:*lands and gets up rubbing his head*ow!
* Zoro/Sanji:Luffy?
* Luffy:huh? Zoro and Sanji again?!


* Zeno:*lands on the scene with his 20 crewmembers*Im not done making you suffer for captain Luffy yet.
* Luffy:*ignoring him*huh?! Those guys I saw were fakes of us?!
* Sanji:*also ignoring him*yeah and everyone else is waiting for us. you got the vivre card?
* Luffy:yeah.


* Zoro:hey kid, why dont you just quit this pirate thing before you get killed.
* Zeno:*unsheathes sword and lunges at Zoro*IM NOT A....
* Zeno:*slashes*KID!!!
* Zoro:*looks at him*


* Zoro:*dodges easilly and slashes upward once*
* Zeno:*is sliced 3 times upward and sword is shattered*gah!
* Crew:Captain Zeno!!


* Zeno:*grows large white wings from his back*bastard!
* Crew: the captain is using his ability. he must be really pissed.
* Zeno:*looks like a humanoid bat monster*I'll kill you all!!


* Zeno:*flys up in the air and sucks in alot of air*
* Luffy/Zoro/Sanji:*look up*
* Zeno:*screeches loudly and causes a moderatlly large shockwave that makes a huge hole*


* Zeno:*hovers and looks down*where are they?! Those annoying bastards?!
* Sanji:*above him*try above you!
* Zeno:*looks up*huh?
* Sanji:*spining down*


* Sanji:*kicks him in his dome*Concassé
* Zeno:*is hit hard and crash lands down, while destroying 2 yards of earth*
* Zeno:*has blood run down his face and looks up*
* Luffy:*stands infront of him with his jacket gone(destroyed by the bat screech)*


* Zeno:*growls and lunges at him*baste-
* Luffy:*uses his color of the conquer haki*
* Zeno:*passes out and foams at the mouth*


* Crew:*shocked*C-Captain Zeno was....defeated?
* Brook:*walks by the crew from behind and appears infront of them while playing on his guitar alittle*so he has.
* Crew:WHAT THE HELL?! Whats the soul king doing here?
* Brook:Luffy-san, Zoro-san, Sanji-san, lets get going shall we.*strums one last chord*
* Crew:*pass out similar to how their captain just did*
* Brook:YOHOHOHO!!


Back at Grove# 46

* Sentoumaru:*talking into den den mushi*attention all troops, the Strawhats reported at Grove# 46 are fakes, but I want a squad here to take all the high leveled pirates into custody.
* Marines:yes sir!
* Sentoumaru:the Thousand Sunny ship belonging to the strawhats has been seen near Grove# 42, Im headed there now.
* Fake Luffy:*beaten and bloody*those damn marines ruined my plan.
* Sentoumaru:*runs away with Pacifistas at his side*


* Franky:hey Usopp, you see them yet?
* Usopp:*with binochulars*no not- oh wait there they are!
* Luffy:*running with the others*alright, were almost there. hey Sanji can you make me something when we set sail?
* Sanji:fine, but you gotta wait and not eat the ingridiants first.
* Sentoumaru:*lands infront of them and along with his 2 pacifistas, stand between them and the Sunny*stop right there Strawhats!
* Luffy:*grins*the axe guy huh? fine i've been wanting a rematch.
* Zoro/Sanji/Brook:us too!
* Sentoumaru:Px- 5 and 7, you two handle Black Leg,Pirate Hunter and the Soul King, Strawhat Luffy is mine.
* Both Groups:*lunge at each other for a fight to the death*LETS GO!!!



Will this be a spoiler or a prediction, you be the judge of it.


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One Piece 601  One Piece 601 Spoiler One Piece 601 Raw

One Piece 601 Spoiler-Confirmed
One Piece 601 Raw

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One Piece 601  One Piece 601 Spoiler One Piece 601 Raw

In the meantime, you may read One Piece 600 here.

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