Oct 20, 2010

One Piece 601 : Romance Dawn for the New World (Confirmed Spoiler)



One Piece 601
Romance Dawn 
for the New World 
(Confirmed Spoiler)

Credits: Mr T
verification: Confirmed
Translation: Aohige_AP

T's short blurb

ONE PIECE Chapter 601: Romance Dawn ~ for the New World
Dawn of the Adventure into the New World

Cover is Nami and a egret (the swindler bird in Alabasta) playing poker

Fake Luffy got taken out by Sentoumaru.
This week was a pretty exciting chapter

The Fake Luffy's real identy is bounty 26 million "Three tongued" Demaro Black

Luffy destroys the PX5 in one hit with a haki-imbued JET Pistol!
Zoro and Sanji arrives, and also deals with the other Pacifista instantly

I wan't gonna write spoiler, but I was just too happy to see it...

This week ends where Luffy tells Rayleigh he's going to be the Pirate King, and there's tears in Rayleigh's eyes.

There were other stuff about the fake Strawhats, but whatever lol

Aohige note: Three-tongue is someone who keeps lying to three different factions to keep them happy.
Comes from the way British handled foreign affairs in WWI. In short, it means someone dishonest.


Doesn't mention where Cariboo/Coriboo bros went, but Doughty got taken out by PX and others fled
Some were pissed that they were decieved
I guess Sentoumaru wasn't a marine in the war 2 years ago. He became a marine in the last 2 years.

Luffy was in a hurry so he didn't fight with Sentoumaru.

Brook was picked up by the Flying Fish riders, and got out scott free in the midst of the chaos
The wanted posters are recorded in PX's memory. They can identify the suspects right away.

ONE PIECE 601 ROMANCE DAWN ~for the new world~_______________________________________
This surely is 100% confirmed!
But it is toooooo  shooorrttt though.



Here is a longer version of the above CONFIRMED SPOILER :

ONE PIECE 601 : 
ROMANCE DAWN for the new world
Cover is Nami and the swindler bird from Alabasta

Sabaody Grove 33
Brook is riding with the Flying Fish Riders towards grove 42 in the midst of the commotion

Grove 41
Sanji is confirming the meeting place with Franky via the mini Den Den Mushi
Zoro: What is it?
Sanji: Didn't you hear? Um. Navy. Coming. Our. Ship. Run away. Understand?
Zoro: Why are you speaking so haltingly!? Are you a toddler!! Explain that in a proper sentence!!!
Sanji: I thought that would be all a muscle-brained idiot like you could understand...
Zoro: Right, I'm going to slash you later. More importantly, isn't there a big commotion going on on that island over ther?
Sanji: You're right... Over there. Noisy.

Grove 46. Assembly grounds of the Fake Strawhats
The pirates are creating a commotion
Luffy: Zoro, Sanji, is that guy (fake Luffy) your acquaintance? Actually, a little while back
The navy appear: Be silent and get on the ground~ We've blocked all entrances and exits!!
Fake Luffy gives orders to Caribou and Coribou!
Caribou ignores fake Luffy's orders and shoots a weak member of the navy who did not even have any intention to fight
Fakes vs the Navy
PX appears then
PX: I have confirmed the presence of Straw Hat Luffy. Establishing target
Fake Luffy: Is that the real thing? It's taking aim at me...
Pacifista 2 shoots at Doughtie. In the midst of the commotion, fake Luffy gets away
Sentoumaru appears then.
Sentoumaru: Why are you being called the Straw Hat?
Fake: Do you know who I am? Clear a path! I'm the son of Dragon and grandson of Garp, with a bounty of 400mil on my head
Sentoumaru: The real Straw Hat isn't some pile of shit like you.
Sentoumaru strikes him with his sickle
Sentoumaru confirms the identity of fake Luffy using the pacifista
Fake luffy = bounty 26mil pirate Three Tongued Demaro Black
It is revealed to everyone that he is a fake. All the pirates are enraged. Luffy finally gets an idea what is going on.

Sentoumaru: The real one is here too! Get him!
PX locks on to the target
Luffy has taken off his fake moustache. He evades PX's attacks
Luffy: What are you doing! I've got some really important lunch boxes in my backpack!
Everyone is shocked to see the Luffy who actually has the same face as the one on the wanted posters
Luffy: Even though I was told that if there was a commotion it'd be hard to set sail
Sentoumaru: There is no need for you to set sail. Unlike 2 years ago, I have officially become a member of the navy! I will capture you right here!!
A beam comes out of the PX's hand, but Luffy evades it. Luffy uses gear second, and destroys 1 PX with a Jet Pistol
Sentoumaru: He imbued that with Haki...!!
Luffy runs away, but Zoro and Sanji come running after him
Sanji: Luffy, it reall was you!! Why are you always caught in some trouble!!
They were about to rejoice at their reunion, but another PX beam interrupts
Sanji and Zoro attack the PX at the same time. Zoro slashes. Sanji kicks its neck (and breaks it)
Other pirates (they're so surprised their eyes are popping out of their heads): They're totally different from the fakes ~
Zoro: Luffy, you're the ninth
Sanji: Shut up, just how proud of yourself can you get!! Luffy, we have to hurry, everyone's waiting at the ship
Luffy: Got it!! Iya~ I'm so happy~ It's been 2 years, hasn't it~!!
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji set out running
Luffy spots Rayleigh sitting in a tree from afar
Luffy: Rayleigh!!
Rayleigh: Fufufu, I came to see how you were, but you seem just fine. You've polished your power even more. Well then, hurry on to where your nakama are
Luffy: Yeah!! Rayleigh, thank you so much for everything these 2 years!!
Rayleigh: Fufu, it's not the time to be all formal, hurry and go...
Luffy raises a fist: Rayleigh, I'm going to do it!!!
Rayleigh: ?
Luffy: I'll become the pirate king!!
Rayleigh tears up

Just you wait, New World!!



  1. Its nice but it is really short...im looking forward that luffy will hit Fake luffy ^_^

  2. same here i just wanna see the straw hats together once again and luffy and his Nakoma kick some ass


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