Oct 5, 2010

Naruto 512 Spoiler

Naruto 512

The truth behind Zetsu!

Bee had chased after the shark carrying the scroll, but had failed to catch up with it.
Guy has collapsed. Naruto is worried, and there are dead sharks all around.
Guy faints in agony when Naruto touches him.

Yamato: It's the pain of the after-effects of using the eight gates.

Naruto quickly lets go, hurting Guy further.

Yamato: Carefully! Carefully!!
The information had gotten wet within the Mizurou no Jutsu (water prison), so making contact had to be delayed. Bee's friend writes the letter and sends out the bird, which flies off holding the letter.

Aoba: We have to move Naruto and Bee somewhere else!

Bee returns: It didn't work~ that rascal~♪
Naruto and Bee are to stay on this island, because it is not on any maps
This island is a moving fortress.

The turtle that Guy kuchiyose-d is talking to a huge turtle
It is a giant turtle that was being kept by Kumogakure since a very long time ago (the island Naruto and Bee are on is on the turtle's back)

Bee's friend: Furthermore, we've told Naruto about a survey on the ecology on this island. He would suspect something if we were to move him from the island.

Kabutomaru: I will be the one to go to where the Kyuubi and Hachibi are. This is a good chance for you to come to trust me. Shodai Hokage is also one of the targets for my experiments. If that's no good, then Zetsu's body is fine too.

Madara: It seems you've been doing your homework.

Kabutomaru: According to Kisame's intel, the allied forces amount to 80,000 ninjas. But the vital part of our troops is this Zetsu, correct? With the research materials and knowledge that I've gathered, I can certainly make Zetsu even stronger. If you bring me there, that is.

Madara: If you come back with the Kyuubi, I'll give you one Zetsu. Follow me.
When he opens the door, Gedou Mazou is... Coming down the stairs in front of them.

Kabutomaru: This is...

Madara: Thats right, this thing is alive.
Hashirama is coming out of the wall with a nume~ (TN: this is an SFX. can't think of an equivalent)

Madara: This is Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama. Of course, it's nothing more than the cultivation of living cells I'd stolen from him. It doesn't have a consciousness.

Allied troops headquarters. There are a ton of shinobi present.

Tsuchikage: To think that the fact that we had come here had been leaked...

Tsunade: What are we going to do about the island? Even though it's an island that can move locations, I can't relax about it

Raikage: It can't be seen in the clouds. The enemy won't be able to find it in the first place

Gaara: But Kisame must have indicated the location of the island on a map. Even if it moves, they will look everywhere to find it

Kifune: We should send reinforcements. Just a few, as there would be no meaning to it should the enemy discover them because they move in a large group.

Water is dripping... A cave?

Kabutomaru: This is amazing

Madara: But there is also a risk. In order to create something like this, I had to use the chakra from within Mazou, and I want to preserve that as much as possible. The further away the revival of the Juubi is, that just means I need to delay my plan further.

Kabutomaru: How many are there here?

Madara: Roughly 100,000. (They are all white Zetsus, all standing upright)

Tsuchikage: I will go (as reinforcements)!!

Gaara stops him.
Tsuchikage cannot do anything since his back is always hurting
Gaara says that it'll be faster if he travels via his sand.

Kabutomaru: Well, you all just take your time
He boards one of Deidara's birds, Deidara is beside him.

Right before the big battle. Kabuto draws near seeking power!!

The end.

It appears they are heading to where Bee and Naruto are. Deidara hasn't spoken yet.

It's already out!
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Naruto 512 :  

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