Oct 5, 2010

Bleach 423 Spoiler

In the Central 46(Forgot the name) Aizen's verdict is being carried out
Aizen is on a chair wrapped in black bandages, muttering/complaining
The 46 are not pleased with Aizen's attitude

Bleach 423
Farewell Swords

Byakuya, Kenpachi, Kyouraku get scolded by Yama-jii for losing their haori (The white captain's coat)

Ukitake and his two subordinates in front of the room they are scolded in, "Hoho~"

Kurotsuchi does research on Hueco Mudo

In a dark cave, Hitsugaya trains(?), "At this state, I can't protect Hinamori"

Matsumoto is watching, thinking about Gin, 'I liked you'

Ichigo wakes up in his room
Orihime, Rukia, Chad, Ishida all there
He's been asleep for a month
Rukia heard he lost his shinigami powers
Rukia says, "In any moment, any of the leftover powers will disappear as well"

"Can I go outside?" says Ichigo, then goes out
"Really..can't even feel a trace of spirit (power)"

"This is farewell" says Rukia

"Even though you won't be able to see me,
I will be able to see you" says Rukia
"I ain't happy(sad??) not even a little bit~" says Ichigo

Slowly Rukia fades

"Give everyone my thanks" says Ichigo
"Later, Rukia"


Ichigo looks up at the blue sky

- - The end - -

Starting next week, going on a 2-chapter break for collectind data.
Planning to come back with the 48th issue


It's already out!
Just click the title below:

Bleach 423 :  

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