Oct 11, 2010

Alternatives to OneManga and MangaStream

I admit, I was also a great fan of OneManga.  But they shutdown for some "commercial" reasons.  So I got no choice but to seek other sites of manga pleasure.  

Best one I found is MangaStream.  

But recently, it seems that there are a lot of instances that other manga websites were able to release manga episodes earlier than MangaStream.  So, better not stick to one website alone.

Here is a dozen alternative that I have found over the net.  Again, this list is in no particular order.  But I must express that the first 2 in the list are my best alternatives.

♦  Manga2u

♦  MangaFox

♦  MangaHut

♦  RootManga

♦  ReadManga

♦  MangaRun

Check  them out.  At least, if something ever happens to our favorite manga site, we got a ready alternative!

Note:  In any case, I have no relation to any of the sites above.  Being a Jack of All Trades, I do enjoy doing a lot of things for my past time.

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