Oct 9, 2010

ASCII Chart of Symbols - part 2

ASCII Chart of Symbols
(part 2)

This is a continuation list of my preferred ASCII Chart of Symbols and Characters.  For the first partial listing, please click here :  ASCII Chart of Symbols - Part 1

Again, to generate these symbols or characters, your must :

• press and hold the "Alt" key down

• type the numbers in from the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard

• then let go of the buttons ...and the character will appear.

I have not included those characters that can be pressed in the keyboards directly.  I had also excluded those almost-useless-to-common-guy characters.   Like this character for example: "   " and " "  .  Unless your are a programmer, characters like these are of no use to a common guy.

Here is the second part of the list:

127          A house shaped pentagon
129     ü     A u with a umlaut (or diaeresis) over it
130     é     Acute accent over e
145     æ     The lower case vowel grapheme of the a and e
146     Æ     Capitol AE combined into one letter
154     Ü     a "U" with a umlaut (or diaeresis) over it
155     ¢     The "cents" or "cent" sign for currency
156     £     The "pound sign" for currency
157     ¥     The "Yen" sign for currency (Japanese/Chinese)
158          Pts Points of Pints sign
159     ƒ     A curvy or italic F (italicized)
160     á     An a with a acute accent

164     ñ     A n with a tilde ~ over it to make the Spanish enye
165     Ñ     A capital n with a tilde ~ over it to make the Spanish enye
166     ª     The feminine superscript A
167     º     The degrees or degree symbol
168     ¿     Upside down question mark used in Spanish
171     ½     One half symbol
172     ¼     One quarter symbol O
173     ¡     An upside down exclamation mark
174     «     Double arrow pointing left
175     »     Double arrow pointing right
176          Light shaded block
177          Medium shaded block
178          Dark shaded block
179          Line
224     α     The Greek letter "Alpha"
225     ß     A German letter, Eszett, scharfes S, sharp S
227     π     The symbol for the mathmatical Pi in ascii
228     Σ     Greek mathmatical symbol for sum
229     σ     Symbol for sum Symbol for sum
230     µ     Mu
231     τ     Tau
232     Φ     Phi a variation of Phi
233     Θ     Theta, the 8th letter of Greek alphabet
234     Ω     Omega (24th letter of Greek alphabet)
235     δ     The symbol for delta
236          The symbol or character for infinity (Infiniti)
237     φ     Phi (21st letter of Greek alphabet)
238     ε     A backwards 3 or curved E - German Epsilon
239          Upside down U
240          Equal sign with 3 lines
241     ±     Plus and minus (Plus or minus) sign, Plus-minus Symbol
242          Greater than or equal to symbol
243          Less than or equal to sign
246     ÷     Divide or Division Symbol
247          Curvy or wavy equal sign =
248     °     Degree or degrees code
249          Medium height period Medium height period
250     ·     Dot higher than usual
251          (A check mark)
252          Superscript N
253     ²     Squared symbol, superscript 2 via ascii
254          Black box or square

To go back to the first part, click here :  ASCII Chart of Symbols - Part 1

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