Oct 8, 2010

ASCII Chart of Symbols - part 1

ASCII Chart of Symbols and Special Characters
(Part 1)

Once in a while, I would use some symbols in my reports and documentations.  Squared symbol, Cube symbol, a music note, one-half, one-forth, etc.  Common computer keyboards do not have any of these special characters.  Fortunately, we could actually make it appear in our text document by pressing a combination of keys.  We will use ASCII Codes!  For definitions, history and the blah-blah-blah stuffs of ASCII, please check WikiPedia.  I only want the codes.  He-he-he!

Personally, my favorite symbols are as follows:
½   ¼      ²         «   »   Ñ   ñ   ¢

To generate these symbols or characters, your must:

•  press and hold the "Alt" key down

•  type the numbers in from the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard

•  then let go of the buttons ...and the character will appear.

You have basically done a good magic trick!  ☺ ☺ ☺

Try to experiment on it first.  Sometimes, the characters does not appear correctly because of some sort of timing.  Keep using it, so you will get the hang of how it's done.

Dont expect me to list down those that you can directly press in your keyboards.  I only wanted the symbols & characters to be listed here.  So here is the first part:

1.         White Smiley
2.         Black Smiley
3.           Black heart
4.           Diamond
5.           Clove (Clover/Puppyfeet)
6.           Spade
7.         Black dot
8.           Black square with circle cutout
9.           White circle White circle
10.         Black square with black circle
11.        Male Symbo
12.        Female Symbol
13 .        Eigth Note
14.        Musical Double Eigth Note
15.       Sun
16.       Play (Forward) or Solid right arrow
17.       Rewind (Backward) or Solid left arrow
18.          Up and down arrows
19.         Double Exclamation Mark
20.         Pilcrow (Paragraph Sign)
21.   §      The section sign
22.       Long and Thick Minus Sign
23.          Up & down arrows
24.          Up arrow
25.          Down arrow
26.       Right arro
27.       Left arrow
28.       90º degree angle
29.       Left and right arrow
30.       Solid up arrow
31.       Solid down arrow

For the 2nd part, kindly click here :  ASCII Chart of Symbols - Part 2

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