Sep 28, 2010

The King of All Hobbies - Revived!

The King of All Hobbies - Stamp Collecting Revived!
Here's a short introduction on the revival of this little hobby of mine.

We are renovating the office so i had to pack and wrap my space.  While doing a little filing of unsorted documents, a sandwich zip bag of stamps fell.

Oh!  My stamps!

I never noticed that i have already collected a lot from our office mails.  I usually cut the stamps out of the mails that we received from our clients and suppliers.  After cutting them, i just threw them in into the zip bag. Boy i got this much already?!

I knocked me off.  I collected a decent quantity of stamps some 10 years ago.  And i realized i am still on this hobby - the Hobby of the Kings!

Yes, i collected stamps 10 years ago.   I actually aimed to collect stamps from ALL the COUNTRIES of the World!

A few friends and colleagues laughed at me when they that i was into Philately.  They always say that we are now in the age of Computers.  Nobody needs stamps or snail mail anymore.   Emails, phone texts, voip, chat are a lot faster than mails when it comes to communication.

Well, i say, that's even a better challenge!

Would i be able to collect stamps in the age of computers?
We'll see about that...

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Need to sleep, so let's just continue this on my next blog.

Here's a parting note:   
The first 10 stamp collectors to leave a comment on this page.  Then email me your postal address and you  shall receive 10 pcs of Singapore Stamps from me FREE of charge!

To see some of the stamps that i am sending out, click here:  Free Stamps

10 pcs of used Singapore Stamps - FREE!

(Note:  Anonymous comments enabled.  Anybody with or without a Google account can leave comments.  Thanks.)


  1. Hi I would be interested in receiving some stamps from you if you would be willing to send to the UK. I collect covers and my website is at

    my email is
    if you need my address

  2. Hello Dean,

    I am very much willing to send you the used Singapore stamps FREE as promised.

    I've sent you an email. Do reply with your postal address please.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hello Jack!
    Your idea is a great idea! When I will put online my blog, I will do something like you did!
    I would be very happy to receive some stamps from your beautiful country, and later, make some exchanges with you, if you want.
    Collecting stamps in computer era is wonderful, no matter what people says, we are not old-fashionable people! Keep on it!
    My email: viacal88**@**
    (please delete asteriscs from my email address)
    thank you very much and best regards from Italy!

  4. Hi Stefano.

    Thanks for droppin' by. I have already sent you an email. Do reply with you full details.

    And i appreciate you comment on this little idea of mine.
    Thank you.



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