Sep 28, 2010

FREE Stamps for the Real Hobbyist!

In my first blog on stamp collection, i stated that i was willing to give away at least 10pcs used Singapore Stamps FREE of charge!  That's true!

At least 10 pcs stamps can be yours FREE.

All you have to do is write your intentions in any of my blog pages regarding Stamp Collection; leave your email behind; and I'll contact you.  And that's it!

What's the catch you may ask?  Nahh.... i'm trying to establish connections with fellow collectors, I want to reach out!.  And by way of this blog, I'm trying to utilize the internet to help me with OUR hobby.

For a peek of the stamps that I'm going to send to you guys, here are some pictures.

stamp collection technique stamp album stamps exchange worldwide cigarette packs exchange worldwide

stamp collection technique stamp album stamps exchange worldwide cigarette packs exchange worldwide

I understand that some of us on collecting by topics.  If by chance you are one of them, do let me know.  So that i could send appropriate stamps if i can do so.

Another thing that i need to stress out is on Registered Mails.  Since I'm doing this FREE of charge, i can only send free stamps via ordinary mail.   As per my experience, some postal service in some countries have this mail theft problems.  I can send you the free stamps by registered mail granting you will pay for it.  Payment systems can be arranged.  Paypal is the most convenient.  Rates will be as per charged by our local postal service in Singapore: SingPost.

Again, 10 pcs of used Singapore Stamps can be yours!  Just write you intentions and email in the comments portion.  And then i will contact you.

Write your intentions now!


  1. Really? Great!! I collect Slania's works, so I need some things form Singapore. Let me know if you need something from Spain. Other topics I collect are turtles, penguins and bats. Mi email is akira[DOT]azul[AT]gmail[DOT]com

    Many thanks :)

  2. Hi Jack,

    I'm too trying to restart my interest in this awesome hobby.. your stamps will definitely help.
    My email is ramanand[dot]nayak[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I like your collection of Singapore stamps that you giving out. Thanks very much

    My email is ts_316 [AT]

  4. Hi Jack,

    this would be great. I am collecting stamps from all over the world and Singapore is still missing. I could offer you an exchange, what about stamps from germany and Austria? If you are interested please let me know.

    Best regards,


  5. Hello Guys.

    A sincere thanks for dropping by my little blog.

    I have already sent you emails. Please reply to it with your complete details.

    I will try to accommodate your requests as much as i can.


  6. Hi Jack
    I would like to get some stamps from Singapore, collect birds, butterflies and orchids. Congratulations on this initiative.
    Unregistered letter. Thanks.
    E-mail jelsmz[at]

  7. Hello Jack!
    sorry if you already received this message, but it seems that I had problems to send it to you yesterday...

    Your idea is a great idea! When I will put online my blog, I will do something like you did!
    I would be very happy to receive some stamps from your beautiful country, and later, make some exchanges with you, if you want.
    Collecting stamps in computer era is wonderful, no matter what people says, we are not old-fashionable people! Keep on it!
    My email: viacal88[AT]

    thank you very much and best regards from Italy!

  8. Hi Jack, it will be an honour for me to receive your gift. Singapore people are lucky to have so beautiful and coloured stamps!
    I also collect stamps on used covers, so your cover also will be really appreciated.
    My email is

  9. Hi Jack,
    I want to exchange stamps of Asia and WW. I can offer you European and WW stamps.

    My adress:

    Aleksandar Dragićević
    Slaviše Vajnera-Čiče E-2/ulaz II/stan 16
    25000 SOMBOR

  10. Hola Jack , gustoso de recibir Su regalo de Singapur , o Entusiasmo espero en contra.
    Saludos y Gracias ,

  11. Hello Jack
    I am Anmol from India, i have just started out collecting stamps i followed your lucky 8 techniques and so far they are working quite well,
    I also would like 10 used Singapore stamps.

    My address is 390/7 Central town
    Jalandhar City 144001

  12. Hi Jack

    Received my beautiful cover and stamps today you can view them and many others I receive daily at link below

    Cheers Jack!!

  13. My son and I are really starting to get into stamp collecting! Although we are "beginners", we hope to build up our collection, and knowledge fairly fast! Thanks for your help!

  14. Hi Jack!

    Excellent work. Beautiful stamps from Singapore stamps. I'm lucky if i can grab them. My email is

  15. Ciao Jack,
    sono un collezionista agli inizi e la tua offerta è molto interessante.

  16. Hi jack please send me some stamps

  17. hi jack
    i just started collecting stamps.. but it seems like its getting harder to collect it due to the digital age ): anyway it would be greatly appreciated the stamps


  18. Hi Jack,

    I am really interested in your offer. Please contact me when you can.

    Thanks and Regards

  19. ive gone today to Sg Philatelic Museum and was completely amazed! ive decided to engage into this hobby and your help is going to be a great start!

    please contact me at

    thanks in advance!

  20. ive gone tofay to Sg Philatelic Museum and has decided to start collecting stamps and your help is a big start!

    please contact me at

  21. Hi Jack!

    such a generous offer!

    i collect animal stamps, would love to have some from you. i also exchange used stamps 1:1
    i offer stamps mainly from Israel, but also from Malta, Australia, Japan and Worldwide. are you interested? i'll be happy to exchange stamps with you! (:

    please contact me via E-mail, mine is


  22. Hey there!

    I recently did some 'spring' cleaning to my room and found a stash or rather a miserable stack of first day covers and stamps which i duly collected during my primary school days. With the discovery of these items, there's this rekindled interest in trying out this hobby again, so i goggled on some related stuff and chanced upon ur blog.

    Your offer is definitely generous and will do much to help other hobbyists rediscover their interest again. But i understand u have put this up for awhile, whether or not this offer still stands, I am encouraged and wish to encourage you to continue this good work.

    Please, anyone can contact me @ kenguashi[AT]gmail[DOT]com
    I'm a newbie in all this and wish to learn a trick or two abt this 'trade' hehe :D

    have a good day all!


  23. Hi Jack, I could not believe it when i read the offer, but there is one thing I do not understand, I am in the uk (London) do I have to pay? If not please contact me soon. My email is: spyro(dot)abdulla(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk Thanks.

  24. Hi Jack, I am interested in your free stamp offer. Please respond @ firemenow45(at)sbcglobal(dot)net. Thanks!


  25. hi, I'm ken yishun! my mid-30s. I collect stamps for over
    20 years since primary school. it all started as humber hobby with a few common stamps. however, because my late grandpa gave me all his business stamps regularly for many years, I saw my collections grew to many stamps. over the years, my aunties, uncles and father passed on their collections to me and I keep them to now.

    recently, I started to buy stamps again, this revived my true hobby which I'm inclined to.

    watsapps me: 98573691

    my favorite stamps are fish, animals, plants bulk of
    my collection are Singapore stamps!

    this is a convenient way to share pictures!!

  26. pls send me free stamps...
    email add. is


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