Jul 31, 2010

I love to cook!

I have always been a cooking buddy.

I love to cook!  I love to explore the art of cooking.
But of course, i do understand that if you love to cook, it does not follow that you are a good cook.  He-he-he!  Well, that's me.

In my hometown in Cebu, most kids would know how to cook rice at the age as young as 6 years old.  Just scooping some cups of rice, put into the caldero, wash & rinse with water, add water, then cook over firewood.

By the way, we always measure the water in the rice using our fingers.  Its odd, but is precise.

At age 8, i made my first Leche Flan.
We got fresh eggs direct from our laying hen in the backyard so it was not a problem.
During those times, year 1985, the Government Health Office supplied us with milk, sugar, yellow corn....

All i had to do during that time was to try and do it.

I actually just flipped through my mothers very old and dusty recipe book and followed the steps from there.

We got to 4 linera molds so i got good use of it.

We never had toothpick during that time so i made use of coconut midribs from our only young coconut tree in the front of our house.

I do remembered to have 2 successful molds of Leche Flan.  The other 2 molds accidentally spilled because it was very hot when i lifted it.  It was a mess.   But my parents were not at home, so i  had enough time to clean it off.  He-he-he!

But the 2 molds were enough to make my younger brother and sister happy!

I guess that was the start of it.
The sight of happy faces in eating what i cooked.

I love to cook.

So i'll open a new category for this passion of mine.
Do take note that the recipes i will be posting are not really my own.
I had to compile them from various sources like newspapers, recipe fliers, internet, can lables, etc.

Cook with me.

:: bow ::

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