Apr 24, 2012

Naruto 584 Confirmed Spoilers Confirmed

Naruto 584
Naruto 584 Prediction Spoiler is out!

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Naruto 584 : The Shadow That Dwells
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : rajin
Source : NB

Kabuto: You're..that man from the root!
Orochimaru: I see you remember me as well, good. Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Orochimaru, one of the legendary sannin, student of the third hokage and....
Kabuto: ?
Orochimaru: Former member of the Akatsuki!
Kabuto: !!
*Kabuto flashback in a flashback*
Kabuto's spying on the some sand shinobi when Hiruko appears.
Kabuto: That outfit!? The one lord Danzo warned us about!
Hiruko: ....
Sand shinobi: What is it lord Sasori?
Hiruko: I thought you said you weren't followed.
Sand shinobi: Wha-what? Impossible?
Hiruko impales the sand shinobi with Hiruko's tail.
Kabuto: Shit, this is bad he knows I'm here!
As Kabuto starts running but a tail impales him from the sand
Kabuto: Urgh....
Hikruko approaches
Kabuto: Why....would you kill your spy....
Hiruko: Because I just found a replacement.
Kabuto: !?
Hiruko: A spy clumsy enough to allow spectators isn't a good spy, let a lone a good shinobi. You though, if I hadn't known this place my entire life, I wouldn't have even spotted you.
Kabuto starts collapsing from the poison
As his eyes are almost shut, you can see Sasori come out of Hiruko, but he cannot see his face.
Sasori: This is the antidote to my poison, I've added a little something extra to it..let's just say, from this day forward, you will be my spy.
*flashback in a flashback ends*
Kabuto: What do you want with me.
Orochimaru: You want a purpose, you want a person to look after you like your mother did, well, I can use your medical ninjutsu to my advantage and you can use me for yours. Or would you rather continue spying for Sasori.
Kabuto: ! What...
Orochimaru: Ahh...I see, you don't even know.
Kabuto: Very well, I accept.
Scene switches to Orochimaru's hideout, which is in the leaf.
Orochimaru: You'll need this if you want to roam around here.
Orochimaru gives him a leaf headband.
Kabuto: Thank you.
Kabuto: ?
Kabuto see's a wall full of photos of the Akatsuki, more like a family tree.
Kabuto: This....with all this information...how...Danzo would be proud if --
Orochimaru: No one knows about this. Not even Danzo.
Kabuto: But why? Our mission was to report any activity that could endanger the leaf, that includes this organization...
Orochiamru: I don't work for Danzo anymore, I have my own goals.
Kabuto: Then...why do you have this.
Orochimaru: As you can see, I was a member of this organization not only to spy on them, but to eliminate them.
Orochimaru: I was partnered with the man who was controlling you, Sasori of the red sand.
Orochimaru: After getting intel on many members*picture shows Deidara,Hidan,Kakuzu,Kisame,Konan,Zetsu,Pain* There was one that struck me as the most interesting.
Orochimaru starts to point at Itachi, however, he continues one picture above, to Tobi
Kabuto: And...who is that? his face is covered.
Orochimaru: Exactly, and beneath that mask, holds the dangerous truth this world has to offer, beneath that mask holds the power that can change everything..beneath that mask..
Orochimaru takes a sheet off some wall, there lies multiple sharingan and two pairs of the rinnegan.
Orochimaru: Is immortality!

Chapter end.

Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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