Mar 27, 2012

Naruto 580 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans

Naruto 580
Naruto 580 Prediction Spoile is out!

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Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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Naruto 580 : Strategy
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : Brucewen
Source : NB

*As the battle starts between Kabuto and the Brothers, Itachi jumps foreward and blasts a Katon towards Kabuto. However, to everyones surprise, Itachi turns around and places his brother Sasuke in a Genjutsu suddenly*
Itachi: Sasuke, listen, I've placed you in a genjutsu, this is done so that we may communicate and come up with a strategy. As you know, I am capable of controlling space and time within this domain. We can take as long as we like, in the outside world it will only be a second.
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: I have a plan. A Shinobi must be quick to respond tonew information. Thanks to you, Dr Snakes, I have learnt about how snakes are sensitive to temperature. It was for this reason I fired a Katon. As soon as this genjutsu ends, use your EMS to see how Kabuto and his snakes react to the Katon and how their chakra disperses. From their reaction, we may discover some sort of weakness or understand where the source of their power comes from.
Sasuke: Why is that necessary?
Itachi: You may be Dr Snakes, but I have done my fair bit of research on Sennin Modo. I too once had the ambition of achieving this power, and with the power of the Sharingancombined, I would have gained extreme strength, however that was not possible.
Sasuke: Why?
Itachi: Our bodies will not be able to handle sennin modo.
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: It was the same for Orochimaru. His body wasn't powerful enough to handle it. That is why he was an imperfect sage. To become a sage, you have to be able to absorb natural energy and to do that, you have to be very still, almost dead. However, there is an alternative route.
Sasuke: ?
Itachi: Have some third entity collect natural energy for youwhich then transfers it to you.
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: This is where the curse seal came in. Orochimaru didn't want to rely on a third entity. He wanted a body which could readily absorb natural energy. The cursed seal acted as a catalyst for all of this.
Sasuke: ?
Itachi: However, Kabuto is different. He is using his snakes to collect that natural energy on his behalf.
Sasuke: ?!
Itachi: The third entity needs to be connected to you, a sort of fusion. The snake you saw stuck on kabuto's back was the thing collecting the energy for him which allows him to enter sage mode.
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: This was the exact same way Jiriya sama performedhis Sennin Modo. He used the elder toads to collect natural energy on his behalf.
Sasuke: ...
Itachi: However, there have only been 3 people who have been able to enter sennin modo without the need of a third entity.
Sasuke: ?!
Itachi: The Rikudo Sennin, Uzumaki Naruto and ...
Sasuke thinking: Naruto, you can do this?
Itachi: And the third person ... Sarutobi Hiruzen
Sasuke: ?!
Itachi: The third great place is the Bone Forest home to theApes. This is where Hiruzen sama learnt the arts of SenninModo. However, as he grew old, he lost this ability. In hisprime, Hiruzen sama was said to be the most powerful Shinobi in the entire world. He really was that amazing. Anyway, we need to defeat the source of Kabuto's chakra.
Sasuke: You plan on getting rid of the snake that's collecting his Natural Energy, ending his Sennin Modo?
Itachi: Heh ... you've caught on Sasuke. Anyway, as I have said, see how the snakes react to the Katon. Your occular powers will be able to see this in far more detail than I willbe able to. After that, we shall meet here again to discuss the nature of Kabuto's powers.


Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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