Mar 19, 2012

Naruto 579 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans

Naruto 579
Naruto 579 Prediction Spoile is out!

Naruto Confirmed Spoilers ♦ Naruto Predictions
Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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Naruto 579 : Uchiha
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : Rajin
Source : NB

*Madara *is watching all the Mokuton clones face off against the Kage.

All the Kages eye each other and then Knod their heads in a yes motion. Then suddenly they all scatter in different directions.*


We see all the clones gig chase to their respected opponent.

Madara, "what a disappointment, this generation is quit different."

Cut over to Naruto & company.

Bee is in full 8 tail mode facing off against the statue.
He has Kakashi on his shoulder.

Kakashi, " upper left lower right then head butt!"

The statue statue attempts to strike in those directions and the head butt, Bee counters them then strikes.

Gai is with Naruto, he is attempting to strike Tobdara.
"dammit, you are a slippery one, Mr. No one!"

His leg goes through him but tries to strike him with a spinning back fist.*

As he blocks, Tobdara, "a buffoon such as you cannot hope to defeat me!"

Tobdara is about to strike Gai, when...

"back off"
Naruto strikes him with a rasengan that sends him flying , he would have struck a rock wall but phased through it.

Naruto, {Dad, you beat him last time, this time I will... For good!} "come on, I thought you were untouchable!"

We see Naruto eyes go Sage/Fox.

We focus on Itachi *& Sasuke facing Kabuto.

"multiple snake strike!"

Several snakes try to seem around the two striking at them, they are dodging an Sasuke is slicing them.

"you fool"

Kabuto, "what? It can't be."

Sasuke sending a Chidori current his way, "pay attention!"

Itachi, *"great fireball jutsu: mini cares ful, not to kill him."

The flame bullets strike all the snakes an cause Kabuto to back up and find shelter.

Sasuke, " I know what I'm doing."

"see, you are a fool. Fighting both of them."

Kabuto, " master?"

Edo Madara is now walking in an unknown direction.

"eternal sand burial!"
Gaara has turned a great amount if area to quick sand all the clones are sinking.

"ultimate lava explosion!"
Mei has turned an area into a giant lava pit bubbling and erupting. Engulfing all clones.

"secret rock technique: crushing canyon!"
Onokicauae a giant canyon to form swallowing all clones them closing up crushing them.

We see taunted surrounded by the clones as they all are partial Susan'oo.*

Raikage is fighting all of his with speed and powerful kicks an punches. He is being blocked but others but they still have effect, knocking them around.

Tsunade, { just as I thought they can't all equal the original in jutsu or power levels. Naruto looks like u still hold the title for best clones.}
"this what you become ? A bully, or a puppet for someone else? You are the cofounder of the Lead village, the greatest hidden village in the ninja world!"

She strikes the ground getting them off balance them she take our one of he clones with a thunderous blow.

It does not regenerate.

Itachi is now using Susan'oo to attack *Kabuto as he is doing everything he can to dodge both brother attacks.*

Itachi corners him and begins to strike him when...

"dammit, do it now you idiot! I can't believe you were my student!"

Kabuto does hand signs, "edo tensei, cancel!"


We see everyone standing looking at Kabuto, nothing really happened, or was genjutsu.

Sasuke, "do you have it?"

Itachi, " yes, now I shall have a talk with you but let's make it brief."

we see Hinata fighting zesty and winning, then We see a Naruto clone a few feet from her as well as Neji. They ate fighting doubles of various ninja when suddenly we see a close up of Naruto's eyes(Sage Mode).

He grabs Neji and Hinata and jumps up.*

A tremendous crash occurs , it is the wood jutsu tearing through ALL the Zetsu.

As they land ...

Naruto, "wow that was close I could feel the massive chakra build up and the malicious intent, but.."

Edo-Madara, " calm yourselves children I mean you no harm at the moment."

Neji is in a defensive stance, " who are you, I do not recognize you, wait the valley.."

Naduto(clone), *" it's the real Madara, if you are here then, the Kages?"

Madara, " are fighting my clones, child. You are the Uzumaki child are you not? You two are of the Hyuuga clan."

Naruto, " what of it? What do u want?"

Edo-Madara, " I see that the Uzumski clan, Hyuga Clan all the 5 Hidden Villages have a generation involved, I was wondering...where are the Uchiha Clan in this War?"

Naruto, "what, you don't know?"

Madara, " know what? I will be able to know if you lie, clone or real doesn't matter."

Hinata, "Sasuke Uchiha is the last living Uchiha."

Neji, " he was the only surviving member of the Uchiha Massacre, ten years ago."

Edo-Madara is shocked, "what?"

We see that Raikage and Tsunade both have their fist thru us chest from the back. Onoki *is on their joined shoulders, Mei is beside Gaara on a sand cloud.

They all look beaten up and tired except Tsunade and Gaara.

Naruto, "Grandma and Grandpa!"*

Next , "discovery"

Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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