Feb 29, 2012

One Piece 658 CONFIRMED Spoilers

One Piece 658
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!

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One Piece 658
Verification : CONFIRMED Spoiler
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生首が モモの助って男子を知らぬかと聞くも怖がられる。
サンジは止めようとしたがナミは子供に泣いて助けてって言われたらもう背中向けられないじゃないっていって るので敵の追手を喰いとめる

掴まっていた部屋ではPH軍団がフランキーのレーザーの跡を調べる レーザーの技術は忌々しいベガパンク のパシフィスタしか持っていないはずだと 

上空では鳥人間が誰かと電伝虫で会話 相手は侵入者四人を仕留める所だと言う

ルフィゾロ達にはブルックからデンデンムシ ブルックの目の前には凄そうな建物 

鳥人間の相手はケンタウロス(下半身がヒョウで上半身は人間)もう一人仲間がいて、キリンの下半身に人間の 上半身 
二人はルフィとロビンによって撃破される 持っていたデンデンムシにはCCの文字


The children are delighted by a robot (Franky?)
The head asks if they know a boy named Momonosuke and is made afraid (?)
The children ask to be saved by the crew.

Sanji tries to stop her, but Nami says she can’t turn her back on crying children and wants to stay behind to fight the pursuers.
Franky and Sanji stay behind to fight.

In the room where the crew was held, the PH forces take a look at the after effects of Franky’s laser. It seems that only the Pacifistas of that annoying Vegapunk are expected to have this laser technology.

High in the sky a birdperson is talking on a Den den mushi. The four invaders are being taken down.

Luffy’s group gets a call from Brook. Before Brook’s eyes stands an amazing-looking building.

The bird person’s companions are both centaur-like. One has the lower half of a leopard and the torso of a human; the other has the lower half of a giraffe and the torso of a human.

The two are crushed by Luffy and Robin. The den den mushi they had has “CC” written on it.

According to the conversation of Smoker (and his people), two years ago Punk Hazard was just a “normal, stinkin’ island.” But Akainu and Aokiji’s fight changed the weather.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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