Feb 1, 2012

One Piece 655 CONFIRMED Spoilers (ver 2)

One Piece 655
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
One Piece 655 : -

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One Piece 655 : -
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : T from 2ch
Translation : CCC from the AP Forums

691 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2012/02/01(水) 16:47:01.84 ID:d6c9FG8OO

Heading for a sea of fire.

The denden mushi rings; Luffy picks up.

The person on the other end is requesting assistance. It's an island called Punk Hazard

Luffy hangs up. Smoker was intercepting the call.

Luffy says "Let's go and save them!"

ウソ ロビン ゾロ 連れてチビサニーに乗って島へ。入り口には世界政府と海軍のマーク。気にせず入るが灼熱。
Robin, Zoro, and Usopp go with him in the Mini Sunny (probably means Mini Merry, here) to the
island. The world govt. and marine flags are at the entrance to the island. They enter without paying that any mind. ( ofcourse what do you expect from the SHs lol )

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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