Feb 1, 2012

One Piece 655 CONFIRMED Spoilers (full version)

One Piece 655
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
One Piece 655 : Punk Hazard

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One Piece 655 : Punk Hazard
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : T from 2ch
Translation : CCC from the AP Forums

Cover Story: Water Seven- Galley La Company's Genius 10-year old Secretary

Luffy: "Wow! Look! There's a volcano erupting on that island!"
Nami: "Right, so listen up! None of the three needles are pointing there!"
"That's strange even for the strangeness of the New World!"
Brook: "Take care of yourselves, kin of Laboon!"

Luffy: "Whatever, let's land! We can see it already, right? Who cares about the needles?"
Nami: "We can't get any closer! And what about that sea of fire! I don't understand..."
Sanji: "Luffy, I've got bad news. After all the trouble we went to to catch that deep sea fish... the parts that we cut up and were towing for later have all burned."
Luffy: "Gyaaaa!!"
Usopp: "The fish burned up in the water? It's only a matter of time before we do too!"

Franky: "No way- the Sunny is too super to lose!"

Nami: "Isn't it weird that we're not burning though? This sea! Look those fish bones! Bones! Bones!"
Brook: "Eh? You called"

Denden Mushi: "Puoho! Hohohooo! Puoho!"
Luffy: "What's up with this! It's crying! Even the *something* is hurting!" (someone help me out here? hara?)
Sanji: "Stupid! That's the emergency signal! Someone is asking to be saved!"
Luffy: "So we can talk to them if I pick up?"
Robin: "Wait Luffy! There's less than a 50% chance that it's a real distress signal. There's a good chance it's a kind of trap that the Marines often use. We could be exposed if we're within range of a wiretap!"
Usopp: "As expected of Robin! Luffy- be careful with this one!"
Luffy: "Hello, man who will be king of the pirates, Luffy speaking!"
Usopp: "You already said too much!!"

Denden Mushi: "Save us!"
Luffy: "!"

Denden Mushi: "Ah... it's cold... are you the boss?"
Luffy: "I'm no boss. It's cold there?"
Denden Mushi: "My pals are getting cut down, one after another! We're getting killed by samurai!"
Luffy: "Hey what's your name! Where are you?"
Denden Mushi: "Someone save us... doesn't matter who... this is- Punk Hazard! Gyaaaa!"

Usopp: "Uwaaaaa! Someone got them!"
Luffy: "I smell trouble!"
Usopp: "Well of course it's trouble! They were cut down!"
Robin: "That may have been an act... it could still be a trap."
Brook: "Keeping calm~~~!!!"

Zoro: "I hate samurai... Brook-"

Brook: "Ehhh THAT KIND of samurai? That's what they call the swordsmen of Wano. Wano is a country with an isolation policy that doesn't accept outsiders. They're not a part of the World Government. The samurai are so strong that not even the Marines can approach."

Usopp: "There's really a country like that?"
Franky: "But this isn't Wano. They said Punk Hazard, right? Is it that volcano?"
Robin: "If the man we spoke to was using a Mini Denden Mushi, the waves could only have come from as far as that island."
Luffy: "Alright! Let's go save that guy!"
Nami: "Nooooo!"
Usopp: "We're probably already too late!"
Chopper: "Samurai are scaaaaary."
Brook: "I'm scared as well."
Tashigi: "Smoker! Just now..."
Smoker: "****. What in the hell kind of route have we taken? The chance is 1 in 3. That's usually what we expect... The three islands that the needles point to when coming from Fishman Island... "Risky Red Island," "Raijin Island," "Mistoria Island." I was sure the Strawhats would go after the needle that shook the most and end up at Raijin Island. Do they just ignore all guidelines..."

Marine Grand Line Unit 5th Division "G-5" Vice Admiral- White Chaser Smoker"

Tashigi: "But Smoker! Since the incident four years ago, Punk Hazard has been blockaded and uninhabited! There shouldn't be anyone there!"
Smoker: "Yes... we wouldn't expect that anything would be living there under these circumstances. But our only scent leads there. Move out, men!"

Sanji: "Here you go! Deep sea fish bento!"
Luffy: "Uho! Fun!"
Nami: "How'd the lottery turn out?"

Zoro: "It's us."
Robin: "Ufufu. What fun."
Usopp: "Someone replace me!"

Nami: "Milky Road!"
Luffy: "Awesome! A cloud path! So you can make the kind we saw on Sky Island?"
Nami: "Ehehe. Because it's a cloud, make the trip quickly while it's still stable."

Luffy: "Alright! Scouting party go! Come on, Mini Merry! This deep sea fish... delicious!"
Chopper: "Good luck you guys!"
Franky: "These guys... getting lucky with that lottery."
Sanji: "We can go afterwards, too!"
Brook: "Yohohoho go in good health!"
Nami: "Fight, Usopp!"

Usopp: "Take my place~~~!!"
Luffy: "Oh, we're climbing! We'll pass right over the sea of fire!"
Usopp: "This cloud... can we really get back?"

Brook: "Can they really reach the island on that cloud?"
Nami: "Hmmm... not sure!"

Chopper: "Thank goodness I didn't win that lottery. I'm no good with the heat..."
Nami: "It's not like he could have gone alone. But as soon as they see that there's nothing there, they'll come back."
Sanji: "Alright! Now I'll make a cold deep sea fish dessert for you, Nami!"
Franky & Brook: "Whaaa!"

Luffy: "Hey look! There's really an entrance there!"
Usopp: "Right, because there were people here a long time ago, but I can't see how anyone could live here now! That call before could've come from somewhere far away! Eh, Robin?"
Usopp: "Why are you guys eating the bento now?!"
Zoro: "You don't want any?"
Usopp: "I wouldn't be able to keep it down! Ahh... the disease from two years ago has returned. Hey you guys, the truth is, I have "I can't go to this island sickness."
Luffy, Robin, Zoro: "We know."

Entrance to Punk Hazard

Luffy: "Thanks for bringing us this far, Mini Merry."
Robin: "There's no mistaking it. The name fits."
Zoro: "So the distress call definitely came from here."
Usopp: "We're forbidden to enter this island! Hey, Luffy, look! The marks of the World Government and Marines! So even if someone is here, they've got to be government people! Let's return from this fool's errand!"

"You guys- this is a crime but-! Ah, well, pirates are criminals..."

Zoro: "It was all burnt, huh."
Usopp: "I don't know! But do you really want to pick a fight with the World Government! Oh... I already did that."
Robin: "It wasn't always burning... some sort of disaster? An incident?"
Luffy: "This heat... anyway-"
Robin: "I dare say this was once a private residence... a government facility of some sort, a while back."
Zoro: "Think it was blockaded because of the danger of the fire? Probably wasn't a good place."
Robin: "And the fact that none of the needles pointed here... what have we found?"
Luffy: "Hey! Guy from before! We've come to save you! Get out here! Samuraaaaai!"
Usopp: "Don't call them! We'll be murdered!"
Zoro: "So you've finally got an appetite!"
Usopp: "Shut up! This is stress eating! But something is wrong... the voice on the phone... he said it was cold, didn't he!"
Luffy: "Oh, right. Cold in a place like this? I wonder if he's stupid."
Usopp: "What kind of reasoning is that!?"

Franky: "Something wrong, Nami?"
Nami: "Yeah... if I look at the clouds closely, there's something strange about the air of this island. The other side is intensely cold."
Franky: "What the hell!?"

Usopp: "Whoa a giant!"
Luffy: "No, bigger than a giant!"

Quite a large bone is burning

?: "Gururururu."

Usopp: "...! Eehhh! Ehhhh!"
Luffy: "Hmm?... It's...! This..."
Zoro: "No... a creature beyond imagination! It shouldn't exist!"
Robin: "But this form! It couldn't be anything else!"

All four: "A dragon!"
Dragon: "Who are you?
Luffy: "Wahh?"

The inhabitant of Punk Hazard - a dragon!

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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  1. Smoker: "****. What in the hell kind of route have we taken? The chance is 1 in 3. That's usually what we expect... The three islands that the needles point to when coming from Fishman Island... "Risky Red Island," "Raijin Island," "Mistoria Island." I was sure the Strawhats would go after the needle that shook the most and end up at Raijin Island. Do they just ignore all guidelines..."

    A little bit of this part was correct of my prediction . Smoker did think luffy will choose the weirdest and dangerous location out of 3 ...


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