Feb 15, 2012

Naruto 574 Spoilers (pending)

Naruto 574
Here is the SPOILER pending verification for you to enjoy!
Naruto 574 : Invitation to the Darkness

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Naruto 574: Invitation to Darkness
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Credits : Ohana

A few tidbits for the upcoming episode.... a lot of chit-chat

Naruto feels everyone going to his place.
He charges at Tobi with overwhelming confidence.

Gai charges also but unable to defeat Tobi.
Kakashi does a chidori.  Tobi defends but it was just a clone.
Kakashi appears and fights Tobi as well.

Kakashi and Tobi chit-chat.
Naruto and Tobi chit chat

Tobi talking a lot about infinite Tsukiyomi.  And that Sasuke also feels the same way.
Naruto argues that Sasuke wouldn't be telling a guy like Tobi things like that.
Tobi says Sasuke is the king of darknes seeking deep revenge and enjoys killing.

Naruto got angry and threw a rasengan by just passed through Tobi''s body.
He said he has forgiven Sasuke.
Gai & Kakashi tries to calm down Naruto.

A lot of mouth talk from Tobi.

Gai noticed that the sky darkens.
Sakura, Hinata and Shikamaru noticed that too.

Sasuke's back view is so lonely walk

Karin, who is in jail feels Sasuke's dark chakra as well.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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