Feb 6, 2012

Naruto 573 Spoiler Prediction (ver 2)

Naruto 573

Here is a fanfic prediction for you to enjoy!
Naruto 573 : An Era's Weight

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Naruto 573: An Era's Weight
Verification : Fanfic Prediction
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[He carries his comrades Faith]

Naruto : I have learned a lot of names and have been taught lot of things.

Tobi : (Names?). I don't know what you learned and I don't want to either. But my little puppet play is over. From here on it's the real deal.

(Scene switches to the battle between madara and kages)

(Everyone sees the bijuu bomb blast over the horizon and are stunned)

Tsunade : That direction is.....What the hell could have been going on.

Madara : Seems like he is getting started.....well, let me take this battle up a notch (to full rinnegan level). Kuchiyose : GEDOU MAZOU !!

(Scne shifts to tobi)

Tobi : (After sensing something)...This sensation..! Damn you Kabuto, it would have been a real pain if the statue isn't in synchronisation.

(Scene shifts to madara)

Madara : It seems like he took proper precautions.

Kabuto : (speaking through telepathy) It isn't going to be thaat easy, ya know.

(Scene shifts to Tobi)

Tobi : (those two-kakashi and gai). Those two bugs keep getting in the way, first i'll finish them up. (forms a seal) PHANTOM DRAGONS

Dragons which look like chakra comes out of the mouth of gedou majou and goes after Naruto and Bee.

Naruto: Too slow.

Bee : While i'm in mode Eight T, this can't beat ME.

Both Bee and Naruto dodges it with ease.

Tobi : Got you.

Those dragons immediately targets kakashi and gai.

Tobi : They were never meant for you Naruto.

Kakashi : Watch out Gai! From the reports if they touch you your soul will be ripped out and taken away.

Gai : Heh? ...Soul? ....Seriously!!

Kakashi : Anyhow dodging them comes first.

After both of Kakashi and Gai dodged them, the dragons still keep following them. Suddenly Tobi phases infront of Kakashi while Kakashi is watching his back and is about to grab him.

Gai : Kakashi! the front.

Kakashi defends himself from Tobi, but the dragons from the back catch up with him.

A Blast! Naruto uses his bijuu bomb on Gedou mazou, which pushes it farther away.

Tobi : what?

Naruto : You don't have time to look over there.

A clone in bijuu mode punches him in the face. But Tobi goes intangible.

Tobi : If you can't even catch me. How are you going to beat me?

Naruto : You seem to be proud of that jutsu. Well then let me show you the jutsu only a jinchuuriki with multiple beast chakra in him can perform.

Tobi : ...?

Naruto remembers the last words of his fellow jinchuuriki saying you carry the weight of an era on your shoulders, show him what we can do.

Naruto : Kurama! And Everyone. Thanks for trusting me.

Kurama : (smiles)

Naruto forms a seal.

[Naruto is ready to unleash his full power]

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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