Feb 8, 2012

Hunter X Hunter 335 CONFIRMED Spoilers

Hunter X Hunter 335
Here are the  CONFIRMED Spoiler for you to enjoy.

Hunter X Hunter 335
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Hunter X Hunter 335
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Verification: Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : michiru3050 at NF

Gon tells his father what happened to Kaito and Gon starts to cry.
Confused Ging trys to comfort him. He says Kaito must had thought that
Gon was strong enough against ants. But it was a wrong idea.
It's Kaito's fault but not Gon's. But he says Gon has some responsibility
and the most important thing is what he will do next time.
He has Gon go and see Kaito. Gon asks Ging if he can talk again after or not.
Ging hesitates but he promise him because others boo.

(Gings also tells him that Kaito's ability "Crazy Slot" is Ging's idea originally
and Kaito had a special number in the ability and it may be the reason he revived as a girl)

Pariston tells Gon nobody can go out untill the election ends
so he ask Gon which man he wants to vote.
Gon chooses Pariston because Paladin-knight wants to become a docter.
As a result, Pariston becomes the chairman and he announce that
he chooses Cheedle as the vice chairman and he resigns suddenly.
He tells Cheedle that his purpose was only to disturb the chairman(Netero)
from the beginning.
He became vice chairman to disturb the chairman for fun
and the chairman also enjoyed his disturbance.
Pariston misses him and crys a little bit(!)
He tells her he'll disturb them seriously if she makes a boring association.

The last scene is Killua, Alluka and Illumi.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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