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One Piece 654 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

One Piece 654
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 654: Enemies of the New World

One Piece 654 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 654 Predictions
One Piece 654 Spoilers  One Piece 654 Raw Scans
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One Piece 654
Title: Enemies of the New World
Verification : Fanfic Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji BLS

PG 1

Tashigi: Smoker-san, why aren't we heading back to base like we were ordered.
Smoker:*with his trademark coat drapped over his shoulders and his new longer jutte on his back* Because the time has come to finally take down those damn Strawhat Pirates.
Info Box: Vice- Admiral Smoker
Smoker: I've spent these last two years obedientlly following every order because they coexisted with my own desires. I'm not turning back on the one pirate I've been thriving to capture.
Marines:*shaking* What did he do to the Vice- Admiral......
Tashigi: Understood, Smoker-san.

PG 2

Location: A Snowy Island in the New World
Pirate 1:*reading a newspaper*Hahahaha!!!
Pirate 2:*fishing* What's so funny?
Pirate 1:*grins*That Strawhat kid and his crew are alive and the government increased their bounties..
Pirate 2:*grins*Damn. They must be scared as hell of them. Let's go show the captain.
Pirate 1:*walking*think he's sober enough?
Pirate 2:*walking with a fished ou shark* I doubt it.

PG 3

Location: 6,500 meters under the sea
Luffy:*sits on the figurehead and waits for the ship to surface* Hey Franky. Put out another Kuuigosu out!!
Franky:*pushes out another one* you got it!!
Sunny:*moves slightly faster*
Luffy:*grins wide* We're almost there!! I can't wait to see it!!

PG 4

Usopp:*shocked*Huh?! Lightning Rain?!
Chopper:*shocked*Flaming Islands?!
Nami: Yep, that's what Haredas-san told me. The islands in the New World apparently defy the laws of physics.
Luffy:*looks back* What was that?
Chopper/Usopp/Nami: Nothing!!! This is a non-captain meeting!!!
Luffy:*confused*ok ok sorry!!

PG 5

Location: An island in the New World with a giant tornado surrounding it - Kazegana
Pirate:*esscorts a large man to a giant door* The man you are looking for is behind this door.
???:Kishishishi!!! Thank you. *pushes it open*
Large group of shadowed people:?!
???:Kuhahaha!! Long time no see Moriah.
Gekko Moriah:*grins with a face that looks scared across both his eyes* Indeed it has.

PG 6

???:*a big individual with a long axe on his shoulder* Gekko Moriah? I thought the government tried to get rid of him becuz of his little militay might.
???:*a man with round glasses and blade-like claws stood next to him* It would seem things didn't go as they planned.
???:*a man with a top hat* The Dark Justice of the Marines dwindles ever more. Disgraceful.

PG 7

Location: G-5 Base
???:*a muscular young man punches at a rock and shatters it. He then does a handstand to kick a giant tiger in the chin* Hyaaa!!!! Hyaa!!!
Tiger:*growls as it tries to recover, but it falls instead*
Marines:*charge at the man with swords and clubs as his back is turned*aahh!!!
???:*doesnt look at them*Soru

PG 8

Marines:*miss the man as he vanishes and notice he is now behind them*
???:*back turned to them* Shigan
Marines:*fall down and all have been struck in their knees*
Den Den Mushi:*bring bring!!*

PG 9

???:*picks it* report.
marine:*on den den mushi* we have more pirates!! They say they we saved by the Strawhat Pirates. Hahaha, can you believe that?
???:*smiles* If it invovles Luffy-san, I can believe it.

PG 10

Location: on the sea of the New World
Tashigi:*holds her blade*Smoker-san, here comes another ship.
Smoker:*folds his arms* It's them.
Tashigi: how do you know.
Smoker: I can feel it.

PG 12

Luffy:*smiles as he begins to see the sun's light*There it is!! The New World!!
Strawhats:*look excited*
Sunny:*bust onto the surface*
Tashigi: It is them!!!
Smoker:*smokes up* I already told you that!!!!

PG 13

Luffy:*stands proudly on the Sunny's nose and looks at the open sea* So coooool!!!!
Smoker:Fire all guns now!!!
Marines: Yessir!!!

PG 14

Marines Warship:*fires at the sunny*
Chopper:*freaks out* The marines wait on us!! *chopper dance* its like we're special!!
Usopp:*flexes his biceps*They obviously heard that the Great King of Snipers was arriving!! Hahaha!!!!
Brook:*strums his guitar* Maybe I have fans even on enemy lines!! Yohohohoho!!!

PG 15

Nami:*looks at her log pose*ok. Sanji-kun, move the rudder facing Northwest!!! Franky, prepare a Coup De Burst!!
Sanji:*love-struck* aye aye Nami-san!!!
Franky:*poses*Suuupa leave it to me!!!!
Zoro:*walks over to the figurehead*I'll handle the cannon fire.

PG 16

Luffy:*smiles* Shishishishi!!! Long time no see Smokey!!! This takes me back!!!
Smoker:*flies over to him*You won't escape me this time Strawhat!!!
Luffy:*grins* Yes I will!! *pulls his arms back* Gum Gum......
Zoro:*slicing up cannon balls*
Chopper:*hitting them away with Heavy Point as Usopp covers him*

PG 17

Smoker:*appears infront of Luffy and reaches for him*I got you n-
Luffy:*hits him in the gut* Jet Bazooka!!!!
Smoker:*coughs blood*?!

Side note: He finally hits him.


Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. I can't see smokey as the first obstacle in NW. I think an island where animals can speak might come up based on the oda's drawings in the recent chapters so far. He used to draw a lot of under water drawings during Marineford and fishman island came afterwards

  2. It's really good :) but you go a little to fast. I think Oda wouldn't already give new bounties because they didn't fought the marine yet. Also, the fight is to fast: Luffy never goes in gear second in the beginning of a fight. And he'd never alloy a "coup de burst" because he wants to face smoker ;)

  3. HAHAHA So complicated there is like about any thing what kind of spoler was it

  4. no dude , Coby is back

  5. What a bunch of crap

  6. they will just play the cat and the mouse.

  7. ONE PIECE 655 Prediction
    PG 1
    All SH's : Finally We have reached the new world

    Nami : Explains how tough it will be and the sea of flames
    Brook : Crying as laboon returns

    PG 3
    Everybody is shocked when they look at front
    They see G5 Battleship there
    Ussopp : They were waiting for us
    Luffy : Yo Smokey ! Been a long time !
    Smoker : I am gonna catch you strawhat

    PG 4
    Luffy : I dont think so ..... I wont be captured until i be the pirate king
    Robin : How did they know we were coming

    PG 5
    Tashigi : We caught some pirates who told you saved them
    Smoker : I hear you guys have become stronger with your new bounties

    PG 6
    Bounties displayed for Luffy , Zoro , Sanji

    PG 7
    Bounties displayed for Brook , Robin and Franky

    PG 8
    Bounties displayed for chopper , nami and Sogeking
    (Everyone has a bounty increase becoz marines wanted straw hats dead fast)

    PG 9
    All straw hats Are happy and rejoice including Nami .

    PG 10
    Nami : Franky prepare for coup de burst
    Smoker : I am coming straw hat
    Tashigi : Roronoa Zoro , I am gonna get u this time , I have trained very hard for this moment
    I will take the wado from you

    PG 11
    Sunny - Coup De Burst
    Smoker flying : Not so fast strawhat
    Luffy Hits smoker with a jet pistol
    Smoker Shocked : ?!?
    So the intel was true He did learn Haki

    PG 12
    Smoker : Hitting the wall : Strawhat got away
    Tashigi prepare the ship we are going to look for them
    Tashigi : where should we go ?
    Smoker : Knowing strawhat he will pick the most dangerous island .
    Straw hat i am coming !!

    PG 13
    Straw hats land from coup de burst and see a pirate ship in front of them ....
    Everyone are looking and Luffy Has a grin on his face
    Luffy : Shanks We finally meet
    Red Hair pirates ship is shown

    To Be continued ...

    I hope you like this
    never predicted before
    tried for first time

    1. Hey Jain! Is this really your first time ?!! This seems to be perfect! Thanks dude. Im gonna post this out shortly!


    2. Hehe thanks
      Sorry for replying so late :)
      Yep But i guess it was too fast
      next time i'll try better :)
      Take care


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