Jan 17, 2012

One Piece 653 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

One Piece 653
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 653: Leaving Fishman Island

One Piece 653 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 653 Predictions
One Piece 653 Spoilers  One Piece 653 Raw Scans
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One Piece 653
Title: Leaving Fishman Island
Verification : Fanfic Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji BLS

PG 1

Smoker:*stands up and turns to Tashigi. He crosses his arms and he hads a scar on his eye now. His hair is slicker and he now wears his old coat around his shoulders.* Tashigi!! Notify G-5 HQ and tell them we are sending rookie pirates to them. But we are staying on the ocean floor.
Info Box: Marine Vice- Admiral Smoker
Pirate:*freaks out* You're still sending us there?! But I told you everything!!
Smoker:*looks down at him* I never agreed to any deal with you pirate scum.

PG 2

Ryugu Palace
Jinbe: Luffy-kun, seeing as you have challenged Big Mom, I no longer have a reason to stay here.
Nami: How come Jinbe-chan?
Jinbe: In order to ensure the Sunny Pirates' safety from the marines after I resigned, we Sunny Pirates enlisted under her. I was considering to cut ties wit her after Luffy-kun's invitation to your crew. I wanted to take my time at first, but now my choices have been rushed thanks to Luffy-kun.
Luffy:*smiles* shishishi, really?
Jinbe:*sighs* indeed. I'll have Den contact them and inform them that they no longer need to serve under her.

PG 3

Chopper: Won't Big Mom be mad about that?
Jinbe: Trust me, them leaving would be a small issue to her.
Luffy: So Jinbe, will you join my crew?
Jinbe:*smiles* Of course. I have no other obligations.

PG 4

Luffy/Usopp: Alright!! We got a new nakama!!!
Robin:*giggles* Our little crew is getting bigger.
Franky:*does his supa pose* With a former warlord in our crew, we'll need a supa room for ya Jinbe!!
Nami:*hugs him* When other pirates hear that Jinbe-chan is in our crew, they will beg us to take their treasure.
Sanji:*pounds on the ground* Damn you Jinbe......!

PG 5

Minister of the Right: "Knight of the Sea" Jinbe a member of the Strawhat Pirates. I'm so relieved I live under the sea.
Luffy: Hey old king, can you show us the exit? I can't wait to go to the New World!!
Neptune: I can see that. I still need my rest, but Minister of the Right will take you.
Luffy:*grins* cool.

PG 6

On the sea of the New World
Marine: Vice- Admiral, there is another ship coming!! Let's shoot it!!
Smoker: Dumbass, don't you see their mark?
Pekoms/Tamago:*sail by the fleet of ships on a Merry Go sized ship with Big Mom's Jolly Roger skull as the figurehead*
Tashigi: It's Baron Tamago and Mr. Pekoms of Big Mom's crew.
Marines:*love struck* Our little captain is sooo observant.

PG 7

Smoker:*exhales*It pisses me off, but it wouldn't be wise challenging them. Just let them pass. The day will come when can freely arrest them.
Tamago:*sips his tea as the ship passes by* That marine seems very well-boiled, bon.
Romanization: Baron Tamago/ Bounty: 350,000,000 beli.

PG 8

Groverly Hills
Fishman:*looking up* Hey it's our saviors!!
Mermaid:*smiles* They must be heading to the New World now.
Children: Yay!! Mr. Strawhat!!
Zoro:*looking down at them* Dammit, they are cheering us on. Let's hurry this up.
Nami: Enough with your view on the word 'hero' already!!
Luffy:*plugs his ears* ow that word hurts!!

PG 9

Jinbe:*sitting in an indian position* The people can't contain themselves I'm afraid. You all did save this island after all.
Zoro: maybe, but I ain't sharing my booze.
Luffy: or my meat.
Usopp:*looks at them confused* Seriouslly?

PG 10

Franky:*walks on the scene*Alright Jinbe, your room is suuppa finished.
Jinbe: oh? That was quick.
Franky: Would've been faster but I had to use the restroom.

PG 11

Jinbe:*stands in his room that is filled with with water and has a coating door like the entrance to Ryugu Palace* This is amazing Franky-kun.
Franky:*grins* thanks. I used Big Brother Den's instructions on coating to make the door. I put a bed in there too since you said you like sleeping underwater.
Jinbe:*exits the room*Yes, thank you. This will make the trip all more comfortable.
Chopper:Oi!! We're at the exit.

PG 12

Luffy: Whoa!!! This is the exit?
Minister of the Right: Well actually it's also the entrance, but you didnt use it when you arrived.
Nami:*smiles* It wasn't an option at the time.
Chopper: Hey Nami, will you be able to navigate when we get up there?
Nami: Yea, the Minister of te Left gave me a log pose made only on this island.

PG 13

Usopp:Um, how exactlly are we gonna go up anyway.
Jinbe: Normally pirate ships had some kind of sea creature or tool to help them manuever in the sea and go up to the New World.
Luffy:*grins*Oh we have one of those. Surume!!!
Surume:*swims up to the entrance and smiles.
Jinbe: The Kraken huh? That seems like a good escort.

PG 14

Surume:*grabs hold of the ship and places it on his head*
Luffy:*looks up to the sea* Alright Surume, let's go straight to the top!
Surume:*nods and dashes upward*
Brook:*holds on to the mast*Yohohoho!!! Surume-san sure is fast underwater!!
Sanji:*looks down* I can barely see Fishman Island now.

PG 15

Jinbe: Krakens are greatly known to Fishman as speed demons of the sea. We should reach the surface in less than 2 hours now.
Robin:*smiles* Oh my, you sure are knowlegable.
Sanji:*pounds on the ground* Damn you Jinbe......!
Usopp: LET IT GO!!!

PG 16

Smoker:*looks at the sea darken up* Another ship is coming up!! Be ready men!!
Sunny:*emerges on the seafloor and is in cannon firing position*

PG 17

Tashigi: It's the Strawhats!!
Smoker:*glares* I can see that!!
Luffy:*waves at Smoker while his crew stands behind him* Hey Smokey!!!


Side phrase: After two years, he's caught up with the best.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. Nice one... But this story is just too fast. Wish the manga was as fast as this one...

  2. lol what so fast there, if this is legit then only three things happen in that chapter, 1st is that jinbei finally joins the crew, they left fishman island and finally they caught up with smoker.

  3. this is too funny

  4. Nice one Sanji but Smoker would never let a pirate escape, he even attacked Ace even though he knew that you should never touch a Whitebeard pirate

  5. your story is good but i think it's not true....you have a good fantacy keep it up good luck to you man!

  6. This story is real!! wait until tomorrow u find it 100% same with one piece 653.


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