Jan 11, 2012

One Piece 652 CONFIRMED Spoiler (ver 3)

One Piece 652
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
One Piece 652 : Premonition of Hardship

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One Piece 652 : Premonition of Hardship
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : T/Ohana

Cover is Chimney and Gonbe.

Neptune and Jinbei have a conversation about the country and Jinbei's future.

じゃもんはビッグマムの旗がない国になってしまたときは 麦わら帽子をかぶった旗を!と
Neptune says they'll put up the Strawhats' flag the moment they lose Big Mum's.

They're both laughing.

Minister of the Right shows up.

He says there's a bomb inside the Tamatebako.

Neptune worries about Luffy and the others opening it up.

Neptune goes to where Luffy is.

Luffy says he gave it away to Big Mum (Pekomz)

Everyone's shocked that Luffy picked a fight against Big Mum (a Yonkou)

Neptune is now very worried about the bomb inside the Tamatebako.

Nami beats up Sanji, Luffy and Zoro for losing the treasure.

お菓子工場付近を走るカリブー そこに大きな袋を抱えた卵男爵とペコムズ
Somewhere near the Candy Factory, Caribou is running. Baron Tamago and Pekomz are carrying a huge load.

そのフクロよこせ!とカリブー ガトリングガン
"Give me that sack!", yells Caribou and uses a Gattling.

Pekomz is a Zoan-type (Turtle)

カリブー 斧振る!も、ペコムズ、パンチ一撃でカリブーやっつける
Takes down Caribou with a single hit.

ペコムズ 懸賞金3億3千万B
Pekomz has a bounty of 330 million.

Near the Red Line.

Tashigi is now a Captain. Her eyesight isn't any better, though.

Aboard a Marine ship, Smoker's talking to some captured pirates (can't see all of his face)

The end. (Huh?)

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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