Dec 5, 2011

One Piece 649 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

One Piece 649
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 649: Preparations

One Piece 649 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 649 Predictions
One Piece 649 Spoilers  One Piece 649 Raw Scans
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One Piece 649
Title: Preparations
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Jinbe:*looks at Luffy and thinks of when he first met him at Impel Down* Luffy-kun....
Past Luffy:*talking to Ivankov* I know I dont know him, but if he's a friend of Ace, he's not my enemy. *escaping Impel Down on a whaleshark* This guy is so cool!! *after beating a giant at Marineford* I'll save you Ace, even if I die!!! *begging Ivankov* I have to fight, if I dont, I'll never be able to forgive myself!! Just let me fight!!!

PG 2

Present Luffy:*standing up to Jinbe in the Sea Forest* My friends are in danger Jinbe and I'm gonna save them, even if I have to go through you! *Talking to Surume* So, your following him to protect your brothers? Don't worry I'll protect them for you!!
Jinbe:*grins* Well then...

PG 3

Jinbe:*sits up* I suppose refusing would be impossible with you anyway. So I'll join you.
Strawhats:*stand around the two and smile*
Madame Shirley:*looks at Luffy while everyone else cheers* I dont get it.

PG 4

Vision Luffy:*glares angerly at a burning catsle that is crumbling*
Madame Shirley:*smiles* perhaps he is going to destroy an island on the surface.
Zoro: hey Luffy, can you move?
Luffy:*gets up* yeah, Im good. I just need some meat.
Nami: Seriously?

PG 5

Franky: Well, it's going to take a day to prepare the ship for resurfacing to the New World. So we can party if you want.
Luffy/Usopp:*jump in the air* Oh yeah!! Party time!!!
Chopper:*being carried by Robin* Party!!
Brook:*gets out his guitar* Yohohoho!! I will sing my newest single. "Fishman Island"!!!

PG 6

Caribou:*drooling over his new treasures* Keheheheheh!!!! This is worth way more than 2 little mermaids!! With this, we could go back to Paradise and live like kings!! Right Coribou?
Caribou:*crys hystericlly* Coribou!!!! I miss you dumbass!!!

PG 7

Ammo Knight:*alerted* Hey, I think I heard someone over here!!
Ammo Knights:*two enter a shed but only see muddy walls*
Ammo Knight: dammit, it was nothing.
Caribou:*drips down* Keheheh....

PG 8

Brook:*sings into mic*Fishman Island!! Are you ready to get your souls moved!!
Soul King fans: yeaahh!!!
Strawhats:*partying in the middle of Groverly Hills with Brook performing on stage*
Brook:Yohohoho!!! This soul goes out to all the mermaid's panties!!! Oh, and our new nakama, Jinbe-san!!!!

PG 9

Usopp: cheers for Jinbe!!
Strawhats:*bang drinks together* Kampai!!!!
Luffy:*smiles* Next stop, the New World!!

PG 10

On a Wild West island in the New World - Shaddy Gulch
???:*chuckles* So Strawhat Luffy is alive? I think he'll make it here real soon.
Pirate: *bows* Father, shall we make the neccasary preparations?
Capone Bege:*sitting in a chair smoking and grinning* Of course dumbass. Step to it!!
Pirate: yes father!

PG 11

On a Living Boulder island in the New World - Terrano Island
???:*sends 5 huge boulder men flying back*
Pirate: High priest, why are you playing with them again?
Urouge:*looks back at them* Im not playing this time. Im actually making sure I dont rust up. Didnt you read the news of the Strawhats?

PG 12

On a Magical Island with floating buildings - Forever Land
Dragons:*2 giant dragons are cut down by an unknown figure*rraah!!
???:*lands on his feet and he looks at a card* Darn....
Basil Hawkins: My probability of success is still 70%.
Dragons:*3 more walk up and snarl at him*
Basil Hawkins:*looks at from the corner of his eye* But yours remain at 1%

PG 13

On a snowing forest island - Amizoo
Jewelry Bonney:*reading a newspaper* These damn troublemakers are back!! Can we go after them?!
X. Drake:*sitting on some defeated rookie pirates* Sure. They would help me get stronger.
Jewelry Bonney: You fought Kaido and saved me from Akainu! How strong do you plan on becoming?
X. Drake:*pupils become prehistoric* Strong enough, that no one would ever dare challenge me.

PG 14

On the sea of the New World
Scratchman Apoo:*dances around* Aapapapa!!!! Lets go men!!! Im gonna whup that damn Soul King!!
Pirates: Word!!!
Scratchman Apoo: Check it ooouuut!!!

PG 15

On a living island - Leviatthan Island
???:*walks to the edge of the island as it moves* Hey, Bepo!! Tell the island to head towards Fishman Island
Bepo: yes sir captain!!
Trafalgar Law:*grins with his sword on his shoulder* I want to see how revived Mr. Strawhat is with my own eyes.
Jean Beart: We might end up fighting with Kid Pirates again though.
Trafalgar Law:*grins* Bonus.

PG 16

On a metalic island - Astro Island
Pirate: Captain, the Strawhats are sure to make it up here. Should we do anything?
???:*grins* Hell yeah.....*places his metal arm out*
Pirate:?! *sees many giant metal animals approach*

PG 17

Eustass Kid:*sits in his metal throne with his cyborg like hands* Lets give them a welcome they deserve!! Hahahaha!!!
Killer:*stands next to him with his supaaa buff arms crossed*
All Supernovas: We've been waiting for you, Luffy!!!


Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


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