Dec 26, 2011

Naruto 568 Spoilers (ver 1)

Naruto 568
Here is a Naruto spoiler pending verifcation for you to enjoy.

Naruto 568 Confirmed Spoilers ♦ Naruto 568 : Predictions
Naruto 568 Spoilers ♦ Naruto 568 Raw Scans

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Naruto 568
Title: --
Verification : Pending Verification /Spoiler
Credits : _lemon_

ここに最新の情報と確認があります。これらの章のリリース前の最後のものになる、それが主要な ものでない限り、私から無料のアップデートなどが、オハナには良い情報源に更新する可能性があ ります
latest information and confirmation. last ones before the chapter release, no more updates, unless something major, Ohana might update with better spoilers

chapter will be released around december 28

spoilers posted before had errors and were not accurate, correct ones are here:

ナルトと彼とナルトの話は、彼の力を共有し、完全なナインテイル形式に変換、シールを削除され る
naruto talks with nine tails and he will give him the powers to break seal, and transform fully
into the full 9 tails mode

tailed beasts getting more agressive than ever, tobi doesn't want to waste time

カカシはトビ、計画における戦略上カムイを使用して約ガイに話し、彼は再生成することができま す
kakashi discussing kamui on tobi with gai, a plan, but tobi can regenerate

tobi says that killer bee will be captured soon and sealed

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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