Dec 20, 2011

Naruto 568 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

Naruto 568
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 568: A Surprise Return

Naruto 568 Confirmed Spoilers ♦ Naruto 568 : Predictions
Naruto 568 Spoilers ♦ Naruto 568 Raw Scans

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Naruto 568
Title: A Surprise Return
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : jeanericuser

Naruto slowly creeps towards yagura who has his back turned. Naruto draws a kunai and is about to strike when suddenly Yagura turns around. Han and Utakata attack naruto from above with a bubble attack and a heavy sword slash. Naruto instantly explodes in a puff of smoke as the attacks hit him.

Madara yells: "You can't hide forever Naruto! We will find you!"

Utakata creats a bubble and slowly starts to fly into the air. As he looks down he spots naruto sneaking up on han from behind. Han immediately charges through the mist and destroys yet another naruto shadow clone. Utakata then spots yet another naruto shadow clone trying to sneak up on yagura. Yagura turns around and takes down the clone with a water blast. Utakata suddenly hears a noise behind him and is blinded by the sun but then something seems to appear out of the sun. Utakata is struck hard in the face by a punch from naruto that slams him off the bubble. As Utakata falls he sees naruto making a rasengan. Utakata creates a bubble around him for protection as he hits the ground. Naruto charges down headlong slamming a monsterous rasengan into the bubble which bursts as the rasengan penetrates ripping a hole into Utakata's chest. Naruto is exhausted and hears a noise nearby. Han suddenly explodes out of the smoke and swings a sword aimed right at naruto's head. Killer bee suddenly deflects the blow protecting naruto from the attack. Naruto looks somewhat surprised.

Killer bee: "Didn't think I would let you have all the fun. This one is mine!"
Naruto: "There is only one other besides this one. Im gonna go get the other."
Killer bee: "I got this one. Go!"

Naruto runs off as Han makes another attempt to attack naruto as he flees but Killer bee deflects the blow before it can strike naruto. Han turns to face killer bee and clenches his fist as he swings the sword around for another attack.

Hachibi: "Be careful bee. This guy is as go a swordsman as you if not better."

Killer bee and Han charge towards each other while naruto charges towards yagura who is standing still looking at him. Yagura suddenly vanishes as naruto looks around. A mist slowly starts to form around the area causing everything to slowly fade to white as naruto looks around.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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