Dec 7, 2011

Naruto 566 CONFIRMED Spoilers

Naruto 566
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is finally here!

Naruto 566 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 566 : Predictions
Naruto 566: Spoilers Naruto 566: Raw Scans

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Naruto 566
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits: Ohana
Translated by : Sama5 and Kenji

(killer bee's transformation causes the surrounding forest to be destroyed)

周囲の損傷から傷つけるが、勝利は近いと思われる場合、尾獣はより多くの尾を持つ強力な再表示 。
(from the devastation, the jinchuriki are weakened and that's when naruto and bee decide
to try and seal them, however, jinchuriki get stronger with more tails)

(jinchuriki are getting harder to beat and don't give up)

仮面の男はほとんどナルトをキャプチャするために管理しますが、カカシとガイは時間通りに着くので、それら が保存されています!
(Tobi almost manages to capture naruto, but is saved by kakashi and gai arriving on scene!)

仮面の男が固体になるときに目指していたので、彼はナルトに触れ、彼を吸収し、それは彼らが打つときですで きます。
(They were waiting when tobi becomes solid to absorb naruto, so at that moment they can strike him)

ガイがナルトの緑の獣は、同様に到着したことを言いながらカカシは、万華鏡が彼らの側にあると 言っている!
(Kakashi says sharingan will help them and Gai says green konoha beast is here now!)

(What happens next ?!)

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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