Nov 9, 2011

Naruto 563 CONFIRMED Spoilers (ver 2)

Naruto 563
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is finally here!

Naruto 563 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 563 : Predictions
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Naruto 563 : Gathering of the 5 Kages
Verification : Confirmed Spoilers

Madara: Perfect... I can test it with this lot
Oonoki: Sorry(Thank you), Tsunade-hime
Tsunade: I will heal the two!! Raikage, Mizukage! Please buy me some time!!
Raikage: Let's go, Mizukage!
Mizukage: Yes! Youton: Youkai (Melt Wonder) no Jutsu
Madara avoids...
Madara: ( I can suck it up with this level of jutsu)
meanwhile, Raikage punched Madara and hit him
Madara: ( He's fast... )
without delay, Mizukage spits out Youton

Raikage: ...!
Madara covers himself with Susanoo from Youton
Raikage: Thunder oppress level 1000 dance ( some kind of jutsu )
Chop on top of Susanoo! Susanoo gradually melts from Youton
Mizukage followed with large quantity of Youton
Raikage kicked the Susanoo. Youton from the top of Susanoo.

[Genma stuff left out] basically feeling out of place and inferior
Dodai: Let's aim for one person! Help me!!

Muu(Kabuto) appears from a rock

Genma's friend C: Him?
Dodai: Let's go!

Raikage: Not yet, Hokage?!
Tsunade: A little bit more
Naruto: Granny Tsunade, are you okay? If you use the mark on your forehead, wouldn't you grow older and collapse?!
Tsunade: It's different from the time I used it against Pain,.. I only used it for myself... and with this kind of injury, it will recover soon... There's plenty of chakra left
Naruto: Then, recover me too ttebayo! Even if I'm just a clone, I can still go!
Tsunade: It's unnecessary...
Naruto: Why?!
Gaara: ...
Oonoki: This battlefield is not only there to protect you...
Naruto: ?!!

Madara seems to be okay inside Susanoo covered with Youton
Madara: Full body Raiton and Youton Blood limit huh,... Not bad for an attack
Mizukage: I do like dissolving men (from my jutsu)... but I pass on you...
Raikage: He can guard against my speed.. I need to speed up... more power to break his guard!
Oonoki: ...
Gaara: ...
Madara: How about guarding yourself?
throws some balls from Susanoo at him

Genma's friends: ...?!
Temari: Shield up with a sand against those ..!
they blocked it with a Sandstone

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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