Nov 9, 2011

Naruto 563 CONFIRMED Spoilers (Five Kages Unite)

Naruto 563
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is finally here!

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Naruto 563 : Five Kages Unite!
Verification : Confirmed Spoilers
Credits: Yagami1211
Source: NF

Madara: Perfect. I need at least this or else I couldn't test much more.
Oonoki: Sorry, Princess Tsunade!
Tsunade: I'll heal you two!!Raikage Mizukage!please buy some time!!
Raikage: Let's go Mizukage!
Mizukage: Yes! Youton : Youkai no Jutsu!!
Madara dodges the attack
Madara : ( I couldn't be bothered to absorb such a low level jutsu. )
While Madara is avoiding, Raikage comes, punchs and hit him.
Madara : ( Hmm, quite fast. )
Immediately, Mizukage uses Youton
Madara dives away.

Raikage: …!
Madara, covers from Youton with Susanoo
Raikage: Raigyaku Suihei Chiyo no Mai (?)!!(Lightning Attack - Horizontal Dance of Thousand Generations?)
Chops Susanoo from above! Susanoo sinks little by little into Youton (melts?)
Mizukage spills much more Youton.
Raikage kicks Susanoo. Youton onto Susanoo from above。

Gemma's teammate A (easy to see we are at wrong place (not our place)...)
Gemma's teammate B: …we are not gonna … get kicked right … maybe
Gemma: yeah … that guy made this place terrible like this, don't let your guard down!
Gemma's teammate C: no timing to get into there (their battle)…
Dodai : You guys come with me, we are after the other opponent!cooperate!!

Muu(Kabuto)comes appears on a rock

Gemma's teammate C: He, right …
Dodai: Let's go!

Raikage: Hokage, you've not finished yet?
Tsunade: a little more…
Naruto: Granny Tsunade you OK?if you use the jutsu releasing the seal on your forehead won't you become an old granny and fall!?
Tsunade: this time is different from last time against Pain ... just for myself … and wounds just at this level, so I still have bunches of Chakra left!
Naruto: then heal me too please!!even as a clone I shouldn't disappear yet!!… here, I also …
Tsunade: there's no need ...
Naruto: Why!?
Gaara: …
Oonoki: … this battlefield is no more just to protect you …
Naruto: !!?

unwounded Madara comes out from Youton with Susanoo
Madara: Raiton's shunshin (body's high-speed movement) plus Kekkei genkai Youton … not bad …
Mizukage: I like men who are hard to melt, even so … you are not my type
Raikage: guard even against my speed ... I need more speed … gotta increase power to break through his guard …!
Oonoki: …
Gaara: …
Madara: so what about defense?
Susanoo throws a ball missile

Gemma's teammate: …!?
Temari: on the Rock Golem is … Sand Shield …!
they use Rock and Sand to guard against the ball missile

Oonoki: this war is already a war to protect everyone!
Naruto: then let me here against Madara!!
Madara: Sand and Rock double wall, eh … not bad
Oonoki: here comes!!now we turn back to offence!Mizukage!!Raikage!!listen to what I say, now!!

Muu (Kabuto) hides
Gemma team chasing

Susanoo-Madara offends。
Oonoki: Mizukage!!
Mizukage: Suiton Kirigakure no Jutsu!!(Hiding in Mist Technique)
Muu(Kabuto): ! (Kirigakure… they intend to reduce Rinnegan's sight with this)

Oonoki, flies to Raikage's back
Oonoki: Let's do it, Raikage!!
Raikage: Ou!!(Yeah)
Muu(Kabuto) immediately stands in front of Madara-Susanoo

Muu: ! (bastard Tsuchikage made Raikage himself lighter, speeding up even more … even so …)(flashback to the time kidnapping Yamato) just like that time … (the thing to pay attention to is …)

Raikage appears right in front of Muu, punching him in waist
Muu (Kabuto): !!?
as the result Muu flew right into Susanoo's inside
Oonoki, Raikage, colaboration
Chou Kajuu no Jutsu!!(Super Weight Increasing Technique)
smashes Susanoo's bones
Susanoo breaks

Naruto : Granny ! Now you can ...

Oonoki : Listen, Naruto.
Naruto : !?

Oonoki : You know. When this war started, I though this was for me that chance to crush Akatsuki.
I wanted to take advantage of this Ninja Alliance, but ...
fighting with you guys made me feel something I never felt.
And now, as the Tsuchikage of the ninja alliance, I want to be here.

And at the same time, thoses ninja villages that were scattered all over are starting to become one, then ...
And the ninja system that brought hatred too, maybe it will change too.
We'll handle this Madara, we won't fail.

This will be the first step of cleaning the world of hate.
This is my duty as someone who used to create hatred, just as Madara does.
Rest assured, leave it to us.

We'll leave the other Madara to you.
This will be one step further to your dream.

Tsunade : Either the old madara loses, or the new madara loses, in anyway it would be the end of the war.
We will protect you with this battlefield.
Then, go to your other battle and protect us !

Naruto closes his eyes.

Tsunade : Clone Naruto. Take this message to the real one.

Clone Naruto release the Kage Bunshin and disappear.

Kyuubi Mode Naruto jumps from trees to trees.

Naruto : Okay, we'll win.

Naruto : !

Tobi appears in front of Naruto
Naruto doesn't stop and headbutts Tobi.

The destined battle, all out war.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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