Nov 1, 2011

Naruto 562 Confirmed Spoilers - Spoilers - Predictions - Raw Scans

Naruto 562
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 562: An Old Hound's Last Bark

Naruto 562 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 562 : Predictions
Naruto 562: Spoilers Naruto 562: Raw Scans

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Naruto 562
Title: An Old Hound's Last Bark
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : The Special One

(Much to everyone’s worry, Tsuchikage pushes off of Dodai, stumbling forward. Further ahead, on top of a ledge, Madara views the situation.)

Madara: “Decades have brought way to shinobi with peculiar characteristics, Kabuto. It’s an interesting age to be reborn in when there’s more than one shinobi who isn’t cowering in fear at the mere sight of my presence.”

(Kabuto/Muu glares upon the blatant grin on Madara’s face. Madara withdraws a small scroll from within his battle armor. As the scroll unravels, Madara’s trademark fan emerges; Madara grasps it tightly with his right hand. Focusing on the others, their options are running out.)

Temari: “A fan?”

Tsuchikage: “Haven’t you heard the legends? *cough* It’s his combat fan, combined with his Katon, he was the only ninja capable to reduce the 1st’s woodland encampment, to dust. You know what this mean, right Kazekage?” (Gaara, reluctantly nods. Naruto persists.)

Shadow Clone Naruto: “Wait! Old ma-.” (Naruto vanished from the battlefield, meanwhile, following Bee, the real Naruto receives the intel.)

Naruto: “WHAT!?!”

Killer Bee: “Wat’s wrong champ?”

Naruto: “Recon from one of my exhausted clones, it’s, I can’t even put into words right now! Just when I thought word from HQ was crazy, now Gaara’s division’s bout to be wiped!” (Naruto stops moving, which convinces Killer Bee to stop as well.)

Killer Bee: “We ‘bout to be on a head on collision wit’ ‘dis imposter, but ya wanna go back and help ya folks with the real deal?”

Naruto: “I don’t really know which threat is worse at the moment. Well, I mean, I’m sure my other clones got the intel, they’re me, so they should be on the move… I’m sorry, Bee, just a road block, lot of stuff just gone through my head at once. Let’s keep going!”

Killer Bee: “’ight.” (The scene switches back to the commotion. A flame inspired tsunami is flowing strong but is immediately seen colliding into waves of sand of equal magnitude, eventually, the sand wins out and overlaps and smothers the flames. The sand is continuing on, towards Madara and Muu. Madara makes some handseals and performs Yamato’s wood barrier technique, however, it’s on a scale unprecedented, as all of the sand splatters off of the spherical barrier.

Not a second too soon, Tsuchikage shatters the barrier with Earth Element: Rock Fist Technique paired with the Super Aggravated Rock Technique. As the barrier shatters, Madara goes into a spin, and unleashes a strong burst of wind from his fan, which sends Tsuchikage soaring backwards, however, a rubber like net, courtesy of Dodai, catches Tsuchikage, and springs him forward, towards Madara’s location. Madara extends out his left palm.)

Madara: “Bansho Tenin.” (Tsuchikage is being dragged towards Madara’s location.)

Tsuchikage (in thought): “Never in all my life have I thought I’d risk my life for foreigners.”

(Madara drops his fan and withdraws a Kunai with his right hand. Feet from being impaled in the heart, Madara gives his condolences.)

Madara: “You have a strong heart, but I will break it.” (Madara pierces where Tsuchikage’s heart should be. However, a mere pick, shows a small crack, revealing the truth. Tsuchikage instantly jumps up and delivers a powerful Rock Fist blow, shattering Madara’s face, and sending him crashing back at violent speeds. Temari and Dodai surround Muu.)

Dodai: “We’ll handle this one! Then we’ll help you tend to Madara.”

(Scene focuses on Gaara, he is accompanied by the unnamed ninja. Gaara is heavily sweating and panting, he has a handseal in place.)

Gaara: “Using the sand skin on Tsuchikage to fortify his defenses is taking a toll on my already fading chakra level. This is deadly…” (The scene focuses on Kabuto’s location.)

Kabuto: “Fools won’t stay down… I can’t believe the Tsuchikage was able to deal such a crushing blow to Madara.” (Kabuto grinds his teeth. The scene switches back to the battle field. Madara’s face is half-recovered, while he’s plastered on his ass. Meanwhile, Tsuchikage lands in front of Madara.)

Tsuchikage: “These old bones ain’t ready to lay down and die just yet!” (Tsuchikage then unintentionally, looks as though he’s about to kill over.)

Tsuchikage (In thought): “Boy, the laying down and dying part sure sounds so fun. All my bones have to be fractured right about now.”

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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