Nov 2, 2011

Naruto 562 CONFIRMED Spoilers (title : The Place Where Once Find Themselves)

Naruto 562
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is finally here!
Naruto 562 : The Place Where Once Find Themselves

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Naruto 562
The Place Where Once Find Themselves
Verification : Confirmed Spoilers
Credits: Ohana | Yagami1211

Oonoki : I'll take you on.

Temari : This is reckless, you're barely standing.

Muu and Madara gets close.

Naruto : *panting*

Madara : I wanted to test my jutsus a bit more, but you don't see to be able to dance anymore, Oonoki.

Oonoki : ...

Madara : What's with that face of yours ? I taught you about our difference in powers back in the days.

*young Oonoki FB*

Oonoki : Why !? This wasn't supposed to happen. Hashirama-dono ...

Madara : There is no alliance. Kneel in front of the power of Konoha. And never speak of that man in front of me.

*FB end*

Oonoki : We, Ninjas, fought all the time. We fought only for our own country and benefit.
We stole from others. We stole and were stolen from. We were stolen from and then we took back.
This hatred gave birth to 3 wars already.

Madara : This is what being alive is all about.
And after all those years, you still haven't learned from the pain of the past.

Oonoki : I've lived longer than you. I studied all what I could.
That's because I know the pains of the past that I can choose the best way to pass the message to the future.

Muu ( Kabuto ) : And yet this is the 4th war, that's what you call "the best way" ?

Oonoki : This war is different. This is a war to gain something else, something we didn't gain in the past wars.

Madara : ?

Gaara lend his soulder to Naruto.

Oonoki : When I saw thoses young ones, I realised time doesn't just go on.
The world repeats the mistakes of the past and grow up on its own, to gain peace.

Madara : There's no need for the world to grow up anymore. It can sleep for all eternity in the Mugen Tsukuyomi.

Oonoki : Because of you, I lost myself in the past.
So, I'll defeat you and will regain who I was. I will not sleep, you will !

Oonoki stands up.

Gaara : ...

Oonoki is barely standing.

Dodai : Tsuchikage-dono !

Gaara helps Oonoki standing with his sand.

Gaara : I'm on ... Let's find youself together.

Temari : Most of the time, when a young one is taking too much care of an old man, he would tell him to "mind his business."

Oonoki : For this one time, I won't say anything.

Madara : So you can still dance, all right.

Oonoki : For me ... For the future ... You shall be defeated here !

Katsuyu : Tsunade-sama !
Tsunade : Mabui ! Prepare your Tensou no jutsu to send me off.
Mabui : But Tensou no jutsu is just used to send items and objects.
This is different from a Summoning or a reverse summoning.

Tsunade : Don't give me that crap, we have no time ! How would you know if you never tried ?

Mabui : I know. But if you're send too fast, your body will be severly wounded and you'll be left half dead.
The only one who whistood it was the 3rd Raikage, because his body is the toughest.
We're not even talking about the 4th Raikage who inherited the 3rd Raikage's blood, I fear this is too much for you Hokage-sama.

Shikaku : ...

A : ...

Shikaku : I have an idea. Hiraishin no Jutsu.
Call Genma's platoon. Put a seal on a Katsuyu and send it with her jutsu ...

Katsuyu : Even if I suffer heavy damage, It poses me no threat.

Tsunade : There's no need for that. I have this. ( Points her forehead. )

Shikaku : So that's what you were thinking ? This is a very dangerous gamble, and you know what happens when you gamble.

Mabui : !?

Tsunade : That's only when it's about money. when it's about life, it's different. That's why I'm alive.

Shikaku : Haa ...

Mabui : Raikage-sama, please. You have to talk Hokage-sama out of this.

A : Mabui, prepare the Tensou no Jutsu, for two people.

Mabui : What ? Even you Raikage-sama ? Shikaku-san ?

Shikaku : This is the final stage. It's time for the big shots to enter the stage.

Tsunade : But Madara is from the Uchiha Clan. If we can't protect ourselves from his Katon jutsu, we can't win.
Hiraishin no Jutsu would be useful here.

Black Zetsu makes roots around Naruto's feet.
Choujuro slice Black Zetsu.
Choujuro : My confidence equals the number of the enemies I slice. So I can cut anything.

Mizukage : Atta boy.

Genma : I knew this sword stores chakra, But to think it would be this huge.

Black Zetsu : ( Now I can move. The sword changed its shape so fast it's unreal. )

Naruto : This sword guy gets the job done, all right.

Genma : !
Shikaku : Sorry about this Genma, but do what I say. This is an emergency.
No questions. First : The real Madara has been brought back by Edo Tensei.
Genma : I have a question.

Shikaku : What do you fail to undersand in "No questions" ?

Tsunade : Do it !
Mabui : Here goes nothing ! Tensou no Jutsu !


Mizukage : Isn't instant transmission supposed to be Yondaime Hokage's jutsu ?

Genma : I was part of Yondaime Hokage's bodyguard platoon, back in the days, you know.
And now of the 5th Hokage.
Hiraishin no Jutsu is one of the things Yondaime taught me.

Genma's friend : But we have to be the three of us to do it, sorry it won't be all flashy.

Choujuro : Mizukage-sama, please go and beat the crap out of Madara !
I will protect you until I die.

Mizukage : Choujuro ... ( This boy grew up since we left the village. )

Genma : Let's get this done. Tsunade-sama is already marked.
She's coming to the battlefield and we're going too.

Mizukage : Understood, I'm only allowed to be late on weddings.

As Madara is about to attack Oonoki, a great light blinds him.

Tsunade comes out of the light and kicks Madara.

A punches Muu.

Oonoki : ( The fierce musclehead and Princess Tsunade ? )

Dodai : I gave HQ the location.

Tsunade : Seal Release - Genesis Rebirth.

Raikage : Are you all right ?

Tsunade : Yeah.

Madara : ... !

Naruto : Granny Tsunade ? ( That's the regeneration jutsu ! )

Mizukage comes.

Mizukage : So everyone is still alive. So that mean I'm just in time.

A : Now I can finally go wild. I waited too long for that.

Tsunade : Preparations are complete.

Gaara : ...

Oonoki : I think I really lived too long. Never I would have dreamed that one day the 4 Kages would fight together.

Two pages face off, The 5 Kages.

The gathering of the strongests


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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