Oct 19, 2011

One Piece 643 CONFIRMED Spoilers

One Piece 643
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!

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One Piece 643 
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits: Aohige
Source : AP

cover: The Saruyama Alliance (Ape-mount alliance) On a Illusion Island, searching for the Dream Land *(Spelled Nakurowa.... supposedly a foreign word, any idea guys? In whatever language?)

Battles of the soldiers in the plaza are shown
The locks to humans chains are unlocked one after another
The human pirates all ask Robin why she saved them
Robin: I can't say no to a fine lady-killer. Give your thanks to boss Jinbe.
Hammond captures Robin, but it's a fake one.(Her new move, Cuervo Fluer?)
She defeats Hammon with double Crutch.
The men freed by Robin charges against the fishmen

sorry, don't speak... whatever the hell language "Nakurowa" and "Kuerubo" are taken from.

Brook vs Zeo
In the two years of training, Brook realizes the true power to the Yomi-yomi fruit.
(T says the explanation is long, so he'll cut short) The power to keep Brook alive is that of the soul.
He can split his soul from the bone. His attacks with his cane sword is enchanted with his own soul.
The icy sword can bring the freezing wind of hell into this realm...

Usopp vs Daruma
While dodging Daruma's attacks, Usopp is laying traps

The national den-den mushi announcement announces that the Noah is falling towards Fishman Island again
Mid-way through the annoucement, Luffy's voice is heard over it.
The National Guards ask Luffy to save Fishman Island.
Then it switches to Fukaboshi: "Hody's true self is... a monster created by this very enviroment of ours...!!
The New Fishman Pirates are monstrous product of our own grudge!
They fear our ancestors' grudges will be forgotten, and they fear their hatred of human race will diminish in time... so they rush their cause!
They want to believe humans are evil, so they can justify their Holy War!!
They are bloodthirsty, and do not even seeking for peace for the Fishman race!!
Their grudges lack both will and experience! They are nothing but a enemy that's hollow inside..!!"

The answer to what Fukaboshi heard when he grabbed Hody, and asked him what the humans have done to him was....
Hody: Nothing. We were given strength by the heavens to bring retribution to the humans.

Unstoppable insanity....

End of chapter

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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