Oct 25, 2011

Naruto 561 Spoilers (ver 1)

Naruto 561
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 561: Hour of Legends

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Naruto 561
Title: Hour of Legends
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : jeanericuser

Naruto places his hand to the side of his head. Another naruto is shown running through the forest when he suddenly stops with a shocked look on his face. Killer bee stops right next to him and notes the nervous look on naruto's face.

Killer Bee: "What is it?"
Naruto: "Madara has arrived on the battlefield."
Killer bee: "Why are you so surprised?"
Naruto: "Madara arrived as one of those undead things."
Killer bee: "?!"
Naruto: "Listen. I need you to guard my body for a second."
Killer bee: "..."

Naruto is standing next to hinata when suddenly he vanishes in a puff of smoke. The same happens to the one at the medic tent and one fighting with shikimaru.

Naruto looks up at the meteor when suddenly he is shocked by something. Naruto looks over at Garaa who stops to look back at naruto.

Naruto: "Listen. Im about to do something extremely dangerous. You must get everyone back at all costs. I do not know if this will remain stable for long."
Garaa: "Alright. Everybody retreat!"

Naruto walks forward and looks up at the meteor which is still far above. Naruto summons two shadow clones. Both of the clones sit down and immediately start gathering sage chakra while the original goes into kyubi cloak mode. Muu looks down at naruto and gasps. Kabuto eyes widen as he sees the three narutos begin to form a very large rasenshuriken.

Kabuto thinking: "What is that jutsu?!"
Madara: "Hmm This one shows some real potential. Lets see just how powerful your attack really is?"

Madara raises his hand as the meteor slowly begins to crash to earth. The sage narutos and kyubi naruto lift the massive rasenshuriken into the air above their heads. As the meteor slowly crashes towards Naruto the rasenshuriken now 5 times it size is suddenly lifted up by kyubi chakra arms as the meteor is mere seconds away from hitting naruto. Suddenly the meteor strikes the rasenshuriken resulting in a massive explosion of wind and sand. Garaa, Temari, Kabuto, and Muu are shocked as the meteor is held in place by chakra arms as the rasenshuriken is used as a grinder to literally obliterate the meteor. Madara smiles as he looks down at the meteor which has been slowly reduced to a boulder. As the dust slowly clears, naruto in kyubi cloak form is standing there breathing as he looks up at Madara who is now looking back down at him.

Madara: "I guess this trip wont be a total loss. Finally a worthy opponent to test my abilities against."
kabuto speaking through muu: "I want him alive if possible."

Madara jumps down and lands near to Naruto. Naruto looks up at him in surprise.

Madara: "What is your name boy?"
Naruto: "Naruto Uzimaki"
Madara: "Well Naruto I must say you have impressed me thus far. I think you have earned the right to a duel with me and tell those others to stay back. This shall be a fight between just you and me. Agreed?"
Naruto: "Agreed. Garaa! This fight will be just Madara and I! Do not interfere."

Madara moves back a distance then streatches as he unsheathes his sword and looks on at naruto. Naruto removes a kunai and looks back at Madara.

Madara: "Ready?"
Naruto: "Bring it."

Madara and Naruto charge towards each other as everyone else looks on.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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