Oct 24, 2011

Naruto 561 Spoilers (ver 2)

Naruto 561
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 561: Unforeseen

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Naruto 561
Title: Unforeseen
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : TheSpecialOne

(The scene focuses on Tobi’s location. He gazes up into the sky, realizing his worst fear is upon him.)

Tobi: “Curses… I regret not finishing Kabuto off when I became strong enough. In a moment I’ll lose everything. This will end, any means necessary!” (Tobi activates his space-time technique. Meanwhile, the scene focuses on Naruto and Bee’s location.)

Killer Bee: “Holy S*&%#!”

Naruto: “What's goin' on?! That looks like, but this one’s much large!” (Naruto remembers when God realm encased him in Chibaku-Tensei.)

Killer Bee: “Goin'all out!  Hang on!  Woooah!” (Killer Bee is going into the tailed states. Scenes focus now on multiple shots of the people’s expressions all over the battlefields. The scene switches over to HQ, Ao’s distraught, and makes it known.)

Ao: “The sensory team is picking up something gargantuan heading towards the planet, it’s in a slow descent, but it’s not going to stop.”

(The Raikage shatters a desk in frustration. The scene switches over to Madara’s location, as the huge chunk of rock is being commanded down. Out of the blue, a portal opens in front of the alliance ninja. It is Tobi and his six minions much to the shock of everyone else, even Kabuto, who gets his own screen time momentarily.)

Kabuto (in thought): “Figures!” (The scene switches back to the strange turn of events. Commotion erupts immediately. Tobi makes quick hand seals and summons Gedo Mazo, which amazes everyone. Instead of facing the allied forces, it uses its enormous palms to hold the meteor like object in place.)

Naruto: “It’s the phony Madara; what is he doing?!”
Gaara: “Unreal!”

(Madara catches eyes with Tobi.)
Madara: “It’s you.”

(Tobi then turns around and faces the alliance.)
Tobi: “Circumstances have it that you aren’t my concern at the moment. All that matters is that he is stopped!”

Naruto: “Buut!”

Tobi: “No time for talk!  We have a common enemy!” (The six minions are now slowly stalking towards Madara. Tsuchikage is first to act.)

Tsuchikage: “Damn it, I didn’t live this long if I didn’t know where the wind blows. Everyone, drop the f*$%# formalities! It’s survival first, this imposter we’ll deal with if we make it out of this!”

(Tsuchikage joins Tobi’s side.)
Tobi: “I appreciate this greatly; your demise shall be painless.

Tsuchikage: “We’ll sail that ship when it departs!” (Not a second later, Madara comments on this.)

Madara: To think I’d be face to face with ‘him’ on opposing sides. Kabuto, you sicken me.” (Kabuto now speaks through Muu.)

Kabuto/Muu: “Don’t worry about those golems coming toward you, they're originally mine, your former calling card underestimated me.”

Madara: “They bare the sharingan and Rinnegan in each eye, he’s grown impressive.” (Meanwhile, Tsuchikage gives Tobi lip for the slip up.)

Tsuchikage: “Now they’re defending him… What game are you pulling!?”
Tobi: “A miscalculation.”
Tsuchikage: “Oh, boy.”
Tobi: “Kyuubi, Kazekage, get over here, now!”

(Gaara and Temari are both look at Naruto.)

Gaara: “We’re in a hard place.”
Temari: “We have to do what’s sound…”

Naruto: “I don’t like this at all, in my heart, that guy with the mask is all that’s wrong with the world and with Sasuke.”

Gaara: “We know that, and we’re willing for him to be held accountable for all, however, it’s either help him now and we have the possibility of confronting his wrongs, or we all die now.” (Naruto yells out, but head towards Tsuchikage and Tobi’s location, accompanied by two shadow clones and Gaara.)

Tobi: “Touchy matter, but I won’t speak of it.” (Instantly, the shadow clones disperse and Naruto, in glow mode, and Killer Bee, in version 2, drop down from the sky and stand by Tobi.)

Naruto: “Crap!”
Killer Bee: “Wad do ya know?”

Tobi: “With your clones dispersed, I take it you know what’s going on, even then, you can see for yourself.”

(Gedo Mazo is struggling to hold the meteor like attack in place. Naruto, Tobi, Tsuchikage, Gaara, and Killer Bee all glance at each other. Tobi launches first, Naruto and Killer Bee, side by side, follow right behind Tobi, Gaara readies his sand and Tsuchikage circles around the back of Madara’s location.)

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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