Oct 17, 2011

Naruto 560 Spoilers

Naruto 560
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 560: The Mask Man is on the Move

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Naruto 560
Title: The Mask Man is on the Move
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)

Onoki: ...What's going on...it doesn't make any sense.
Gaara: We have to inform HQ immediately!
Naruto: ...
*Naruto dashes towards Edo Madara with a Rasengan*
Madara: ...What kind of fool are you...
*Madara easily dodges and destroys the clone*
Side Text: The Real Madara Has Appeared And With One Attack Finishes Off The Clone Responsible For Sealing Muu and Edo Raikage...How Powerful Is Madara?!

*Scene changes to Kabuto*
Kabuto: ...It appears that it was just a clone this entire time, that's a relief, can't have Naruto dieing yet, kukuku. But...for Madara to just attack like that, I'm going to have to have all my focus on him, I can't afford to have him break free, lucky for me the rest of the Edos are useless now so there's no real loss. I wish I could see the look on Tobi's face right now, kukuku.

*We got inside Kabuto*
Hoshi Zetsu: Hmm...so he finally summoned it, I guess it's time to tell Tobi.
*The Hoshi Zetsu leave undetected*

*Scene changes to HQ*
Killer A: WHAT?!
Tsunade: Madara has been resurrected with Edo Tensei?
Mabui: It makes no sense, the masked man is Madara isn't he?
Shikaku: Well we never did see his face did we...
Killer A: !!!

Tsunade: At this point...it doesn't matter if he's Madara or not, he's still a threat and we can't lose focus on him. But still...to think something like this would happen.
Inochi: ! I just lost the signal from Naruto and Killerbee. I can't sense the masked man either...something jamming the signal. ! Mei just reported that her opponent has left...
Ao: What opponent? I never sensed anyone fighting there...
Shikaku: This isn't good...

*Scene changes to Tobi*
Tobi: !?
*Black Zetsu appears, shortly followed by White Zetsu*
Black Zetsu: The Hoshi left in Kabuto has reported that he summoned Madara...
White Zetsu: And Sasuke's eyes are ready, but he left in a hurry and rather hostile at that, killed one of my clones...lucky I was on my lunch break heh.

Tobi: So he finally summoned him did he...it would have been a problem before but now...
Black Zetsu: What do we do now?
Tobi: White Zetsu, you gather all the White Zetsu Clones, they wont be much use in battle anymore, but they still have one more purpose, that include the "dead" ones.
White Zetsu: Righty-o!
Tobi: Black Zetsu...I'll let you handle Killerbee.
Black Zetsu: I thought you were going to capture them.
Tobi: Kabuto summoned him sooner then I thought, I have to deal with this first, and I rather not let any time be wasted, I believe you're fully capable of dealing with Killerbee, but make sure Naruto doesn't get captured yet...there's still other plans for him.
Black Zetsu: Right.

*Black Zetsu and White Zetsu leave to do their tasks. Tobi turns around and begins running on trees again*

*Scene changes back to HQ*
Shikaku(Talking through Inochi to everyone): The Edo Tenseis and White monsters on all battle fields have been taken care of. But there is still two Edo Tenseis at Gaara's division, we need everyone who can still fight to go there immediately! I'll explain what's happening when we get there.

Killer A: ...
Tsunade: ...

Shikaku: I know you think it's better if we go where Naruto and Killerbee are, but we have no idea where they are now, and with Madara here we have to deal with him before he joins up with the masked man...we at less know where his position is. Plus Naruto and Killerbee should be able to hold their own against the masked man for now...
Tsunade: Right...let's go then.
Killer A(Thinking): ...Killerbee...
*They take off*

*Scene changes to Madara*
Madara: Is this what the current generation has to offer? I've very disappointed.
*We see a bunch of ninjas on the ground, only a few are still standing*
Gaara: Unbelievable...Onoki, didn't you fight him before?
Onoki: Yah but I barely made it out alive...
Madara: Hmm? Oh that's right, I remember you now...still weak as ever old man.
Onoki: Urgh...
Temari(Whispering): Gaara, we've been told the rest of the Alliance is on their way now. All of Naruto's clones along with them.
Gaara: ...I wonder if that'll even be enough then.
Onoki: ...It wont be...
Temari: !?...

*Scene change to White Zetsu, who is back at Akatsuki HQ, in front of Gedo Mazo*

White Zetsu: That's the last of them. Phew, sure is tiring bringing all of them here...but I can't waste time, I have to start sealing them. With the Bijuu chakra they have, every drop counts. But I'm going have to speed things up, the plan starts tonight.
*A bunch of White Zetsu's clones appear(Thousands). Gedo Mazo shots it's rods inside all of White Zetsu's clones. White Zetsu goes on his finger on Gedo Mazo. The White Zetsu Clones begin to get sealed*

White Zetsu: Now this will only take a few hours...but there's still more to do, will we even have enough time?...I wished someone was hear for me to talk to, I feel crazy talking to my self AHAHAHAHAH...laughing by myself isn't so fun either...hurry up Black Zetsu!

*Scene changes to Naruto and Killerbee*
Killerbee: How much further?
Naruto: We're almost there.

*Black Zetsu appears*
Killerbee: WOW!? That thing just popped up out of nowhere...I thought you were sensing to see if anyone was nearby...
Naruto: I was...I don't know how-
Black Zetsu: Simple really. I can't be sensed. And even your more advance sensing powers to sense negative emotions wont work since I don't have any emotions.

Naruto: What!?
Killerbee: What are you a robot or something?
Naruto: ...Nagato was similar, he said he didn't have any emotions, but that wasn't true, he was just really sad. Maybe you're-

Black Zetsu: Don't be an idiot. I'm not the same as Nagato, I don't have a sob story that ruined my life, I'm simply a machine built for one purpose.
Killerbee: No way...you really are a robot!?
Black Zetsu: Enough talk...

*Black Zetsu quickly dashes towards Killerbee and pushing him far away from Naruto*
Naruto: You're fast and strong...but don't think I'll stand by and watch!

*Naruto goes to attack Black Zetsu but hits an invisible wall*
Naruto: What the?!
Black Zetsu: It's a barrier that can't be destroyed unless I am destroyed or cancel it. Of course neither is going to happen. Why don't you just continue onwards, you have no use here anymore.
Naruto: Err...
Killerbee: Go Naruto!
Naruto: But...
Killerbee: I can handle this guy. Remember, I float like a Butterfly and sting like a Killerbee! Ohyah!
Naruto: ...Heh, alright, make sure you catch up to me after you finish this guy off!

*They get their hands in the form of a fist as if they are fist bumping(Of course they can't do that now). Naruto leaves*
Black Zetsu: Lets make this quick.
Killerbee: Did you not hear me before?
Black Zetsu: ...
Killerbee: I float like a Butterfly and sting like a Killer-

*Black Zetsu dashes towards Killerbee and cuts him*
Black Zetsu: Bee?
Killerbee: Ugh!!!
Hachibi: NO KILLERBEE!!!
Black Zetsu: Well that was longer then expected...

*Scene changes to Tobi*
Tobi: It's time to settle this.
*Tobi is standing behind Kabuto*

Chapter end.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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