Oct 11, 2011

Naruto 559 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 559
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 559: Incoming Danger

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Naruto 559
Title: Incoming Danger
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)

Muu stands as the dust clears revealing an ancient large ancient sarcophogus with runes all over it. Muu eyes widen as he looks closer at it. Kabuto smiles and pushes up his glasses.

Kabuto: "Ahh. At long last the final piece to the puzzle, the coffin of dark ressurrection. The second hokage fought all his life to keep it safe but now it is in my hands at last. Time to make a sacrifice."

Muu steps slides the lid to the left opening it wide as he stares at the claw marks made by someone who must have been trapped inside.

Muu: "I wish I had never learned of this vile thing."

Muu steps inside and lays down as the coffin closes on his body. Kabuto smiles as he does a hand sign and the coffin vanishes beneath the sand. Seconds later the coffin appears next to kabuto. He pushes open the lid revealing a skeleton remains of what was once Muu.

Kabuto: "All I need is the final ingredients."

Kabuto balls up his fist as it starts to turn black. His eyes slowly return to normal as his fist and arm continue to turn black.

Kabuto: "Now for my sacrifice."

Kabuto removes a kunai and screams in agony as he chops off the infected arm at the elbow. He slowly drops the kunai and places his former arm now turned completely pitch black into the coffin.

Kabuto: "I guess you are the final ingredient now my dear."

Kabuto drags over the limp body of Anko who is still bound and gagged. As Anko is placed in the coffin her gag slowly falls away from her mouth.

Anko: "What is going on? Why am I still alive?"
Kabuto: "You are to serve a far greater purpose."

Anko looks at the insides of the coffin and sees the scratch marks of people who were forcibly placed inside the coffin.

Anko: "What is this thing?"

A flash back shows of the senju and uchiha at the death bed of the first sage.

Kabuto: "It is a relic of a forgotten era. After the death of the first sage, there were some who thought that he should be reborn immortal forever. To do this they created this coffin which is fashioned from the remains of the juubi."

A battle is shown and the coffin is shown being placed in a chamber with guards standing in front of a door.

Kabuto: "Their plan failed and since then this coffin has passed through many hands as others sought this device in the search for immortality."

The second hokage is shown looking over the coffin with a nervous look on his face has he writes down the runes on a scroll.

Kabuto: "Even your second hokage at one time possessed this coffin hence how he learned to create edo tensei however that jutsu is still vastly inferior to the capabilities of this device. Thanks to muu I now have the final things I need to bring him back."
Anko: "Why dont you just kill me and get it over with?"
Kabuto: "I cant do that. The coffin requires a proper sacrifice of a young healthy person in order for another person to be brought back to life to live once again as they were prior to their death. The only other thing needed was a part of the original person to help with the transfer."

Anko looks down at the arm and gasps in shock.

Kabuto: "Time for you to play your part my dear. Good bye."
Anko: "NNNOOO!!"

The coffin lid closes shut as the runes begin to glow red. Ankos screams can be heard from outside the coffin as the runes begin to blink red and black as smoke begins to seep from the sides of the coffin. One final scream louder than all the others occurs before the runes finally go black. The coffin slowly opens as Kabuto watches from a distance. A hand slowly reaches out of the coffin as snakes slowly crawl their way out. An familiar laugh echoes the figure slowly rises from the coffin. Kabuto is surprised as he sees the face of his old master, orochimaru.

Orochimaru: "Well done kabuto."
Kabuto: "Welcome back Lord Orochimaru."

Orochimaru laughs and his laugh echoes through the forest as a crow not too far away looks down at them. Not too far away Itachi clenches his fist in anger as he heads through the forest towards Kabuto and orochimaru.

Next Week: A battle of Immortals: Itachi vs Orochimaru

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. it looks very realistic. i mean kabuto did say to anko that i have plans for you.also kabuto is very loyal to orochimaru. just one problem , orochimaru;s soul is sealed by blade of totsuka . so how can he be resurrected?

  2. For me, Kabuto is a very smart villain. I believe he still have some tricks under his sleeves.

  3. orochimaru is not sealed,one white snake escaped and has been killed by amaterasu remeber now?

  4. last time i checked orochimaru was sealed by itachis tatsuka sword so theres no chance of him being summoned otherwise it would of happened sooner.

  5. soul was sealed by totsuka and i think white snake was part of his flesh(yes i am aware of that white snake)- shodaime anonymous


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