Sep 2, 2011

Screen Shots for References - September 2011

Just like what I did in the previous months, I am making a separate post on the screen shots that I need for September 2011.  Again, the primary purpose of these screen shots is to make it easier for me to refer, post, publish or embed such pictures in other websites.  I'd rather host the pictures in my blog rather than hosting them somewhere else to avoid losing them or getting deleted.  I'm using this page as a stock photo page.  Please feel free to use the pictures or screen shots.  Just dont forget to give credits or links to this little blog, ok?!

For this month of September 2011, here are my screen shots.  

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I gave one of these to a fellow blogger to help him renew his website domain name.

As mentioned, if you like these screenies, feel free to use them.

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