Aug 9, 2011

One Piece 635 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 635
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 635: Start of Chaos

One Piece 635 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 635 Predictions
One Piece 635 Spoilers  One Piece 635 Raw Scans
One Piece 635 Confirmed Spoilers 635, One Piece Predictions 636, 636 Spoilers, 636 Raws Manga 636
One Piece 635

One Piece 635 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 635 Predictions
One Piece 635 Spoilers  One Piece 635 Raw Scans
One Piece 635 : Strawhats on the Loose
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Sunny:*the number plate on its side turns to #4 and the hatch opens up*
Fishman Pirate:*looks at the darkness of the hole* What the hell is that?
???:* 2 primal eyes glow from the darkness and lauches at the pirates*
Fishman Pirate:*looks on terrorfied as he and his commrades are sent flying*AAHH!!!
Franky:*looks from abourd the sunny* Thats suupaa good guys!! Your using it like pros already!! Mecha!!

PG 2
Fishman Pirates:*fire bazookas and rifles* Take it down now!!
???:*is covered in cannon smoke*
Franky:*laughs*You guys can't destroy this beast!! Our Sunny is the lion king of the sea. But its kinda difficult for him to do much on land, so we needed a suuupa substitute!! So be afraid of our.....
???:*a huge metal claw is seen appearing from the smoke*
Fishman Pirate:*gasps*i-its still moving?!

PG 3
Franky: Lion Champion IV
Lion Champion IV:*a Kuma sized robot lion towers over the pirates. It raises up a claw and swipes down*
Fishman Pirates:*a few are blown away*

PG 4
Nami:*piloting* nice blow Chopper. Im gonna start charging again so take five.
Chopper:*is on her right. he salutes* roger!
Usopp:*is on her left. he sulks* I wanted to drive dang it!
Nami: oh shut it! We played janga and I won fair and square! Im letting you use the weapons. Aint that enough?
Usopp:*exhales and grabs the controls* yeah, I'll just......

PG 5
Usopp:*cool anime face* Show them my awsome power.
Chopper:*amazed* cool Usopp!!
Nami:*sighs and revezes the robot like a car* oh boy.
Lion Champion IV:*steam hisses out as it roars*
Nami/Chopper/Usopp:Now Charge!!!
Lion Champion IV:*charges at a super pace*

PG 6
Robin:*runs past a huge group of pirates and stops* Ochenta Fleur:......
Fishman Pirates:*many pirates have 4 arms sprout out of them and grab onto their own arms and heads*?!
Robin:*smiles* Clutch
Fishman Pirates:*necks and backs are snapped broken*ggaahh!!

PG 7
Robin:*smiles as she is surrounded* Oh my, you guys must be very motivated to fight us.
Fishman Pirate:*glares*damn human. Come on men!! Its just one woman!!
Robin: Cien Cuatro Fleur: Clone
Fishman Pirate:what the hell?
Robin:*smiles*now what was that about there being just 'one' woman.....

PG 8
Robin:*stands in the back as 4 clones of her stand lined up* Fishman-san?
Fishman Pirates:she multiplied?!

PG 9
Robin:*takes out two pistols*lets take them out from all angles, shall we?
Robin Clones:*form around her, each with dual pistols.* Certainly.
Different area of battlefield
Zoro:*jumps high in the sky with 2 blades* Two-sword style:.....
Fishman Pirates:?!
Zoro:*spin slashes to the pirates below* Raining Buzzsaw

PG 10
Fishman Pirates:*28 pirates are sent flying in the air*
Zoro:*stands and looks as more pirates charge at him.* They aint that tough but they sure are useful as warm up dummies.
Fishman Pirates:*stop in their tracks*
Brook:*walks up while playing his guitar*Yohohoho, hello Zoro-san. No need to thank me for saving you.

PG 11
Zoro: besides, what the hell did you do. A second ago these guys were going full throttle. Now they seem frozen.
Brook: yes, well I am using my music to make their souls freeze.
Zoro: really? *evil grin*good, that means I can just mow them down.
Brook:*stops playing and grabs his head* oh my, thats so evil Zoro-san!!
Fishman Pirates:*continue their charge*

PG 12
Zoro:*gets ready*what the hell? why are they moving again?
Brook:*moves his guitar to his back* I have to keep playing for them to obey me!!
Zoro:*cuts down a couple of pirates* then just keep playing!
Brook:*cuts down some pirates with his shikomizue* I cant!!
Zoro:*blocks a giant axe without looking*why not?
Brook:*back is turned to him* well its because.....

PG 13
Brook:*turns to him* my fingers get sore.
Brook: if that was a Skull Joke, it wasnt very good.

PG 14
Different Area of battlefield

Luffy:*with one arm in Gear 2* Move, so I can kick your boss's ass!
Fishman Pirate:like hell we are human! Guys, lets juice up!
Fishman Pirates:*take Energy Steroids and get alittle bigger*
Fishman Pirates:*charge at him*rah!!!

PG 15
Luffy:Jet Pistol
Hody Jones:*watches as his men are getting pummeled* Enough of this!!
Officers:*look at their captain*hm?
Hody Jones:*growls*at this rate, we wont have any subordnates! We need to even the playing field here guys!!

PG 16
Daruma:alright!! My teeth are aching to gnash on something! KyaKya!!
Dosun: We gonna crush them all!! Gyabaaan!!!!
Hyouzou:*barely awake* Im cool with it. As long as I still get paid in the end.
Ikaros:I would hate to go into such a heated battle, but its got to be done-ch!!
Zeo:Maybe alittle suffering will show them the error of their ways.

PG 17
Lion Champion IV:*stops and many rockets appear from its mane*
Fishman Pirates:*gasps*
Usopp:*pushes up a lever* Take this!! Mane Massacre
Lion Champion IV:*all the rockets launch at the pirates, blowing them up*
Chopper: that was awsome Uso- *gasps*

PG 18
Nami: whats wrong Chopper?
Chopper: Nami, move fast now!!
Lion Champion IV:*runs away*
Daruma:*launches out of the ground and latches onto its tail with his bite*
Usopp: What is that, a dog?!
Nami: I'll shake him off!

PG 19
Lion Champion IV:*hard turns and gets the officer off its tail*
Daruma:*skids back* KyaKya!! I barely put a dent that thing!! My teeth are so pissed now!!
Nami: what the hell is this guy?
Usopp: He's a freaking dogfish im telling you!! Just look at him!!
Chopper: his voice is so angry and hungry. Mostly hungry.

PG 20
Franky:*looks from infront of the ship*oh man, that guy seems like he might actually tear apart the Lion Champion's suuppaa exterior.
Dosun:*pants while all bloody* dont ignore me!! Tosun!!
Franky:*looks back at him*you can still stand? Just fall dumbass!
Dosun:*takes a steroid*Like hell I will!!! Bokaan!!

PG 21
Dosun:*swings hammer*Die!! Bokaan!!!
Franky:*blocks it with his left arm and punches him in the gut*
Dosun:*coughs blood and is sent crashing out of the plaza*Pooootsuuuuun!!!!
Franky:*crosses arms*I wonder when the high ranking enemies are gonna show?

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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