Aug 9, 2011

Naruto 551 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 551
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 551: The Man Once Called Undefeatable

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Naruto 551
Title: The Man Once Called Undefeatable
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : The Special One

(The scene focuses on Kabuto’s location. Kabuto smirks as he mulls something over in his head with a handseal in place.)

Kabuto (in thought): “Ku, ku, ku… So what if I had to remove Itachi from the playing board, I can't be bothered with Itachi, whatever he's up to at the moment. Regardless, if he's in Madara's or Konoha's hands, Sasuke will be mine. Nagato as he is now is such a powerful playing piece… Madara’s such a fool for not realizing its fullest potential.”

(The scene switches back over to the battle. Naruto, bounded by Nagato’s invisible summon and the power of Human realm, faces turmoil. In the nick of time, Killer Bee arrives to Naruto’s aide and quickly slashes Samehada horizontally near Nagato’s head, forcing Nagato to duck. Killer Bee, not holding back, grasps his hilt with both hands and swings Sameahda downward, diagonally, forcing Nagato to slip to the side and retreat backward. Naruto is free, as the soul link that bound Naruto’s soul to Nagato’s hand had dissipated and the invisible summon had let go of its hold. The scene focuses on Nagato for a quick second.)

Nagato: “Samehada… It canceled my chakra flow to my jutsu and my control over my summon. But only for a quick moment. If they’re smart, they’ll use this window of opportunity to devise a strategy against me before-.” (The scene switches back to Naruto and Killer Bee, they have immediately escaped to a safer location hidden in the woods.)

Killer Bee: “I nabbed some of my chakra back, but it wasn’t enough. From now on, I’ll have to thank ya for walking the tank!”

Naruto: “What!? Shit… (Naruto comes to a realization.) They’ll know what to do…” (As Killer Bee and Naruto hear sounds of discomfort, Killer Bee urges Naruto to get on with it.)

Killer Bee: “Get goin’ foo’!”

Naruto: “Summoning technique!” (As Naruto completes the string of handseals, the area is engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Seconds later, multiple clouds of smoke erupt again, almost like crackling fireworks… Nagato, from a distance, viewing the now leveled area as the clouds of smoke slowly vanish.)

Nagato: “I see, he’s pulling out all the stops, just like last time…”

(The scene focuses on the area of interest. As the clouds fade more, three large toad summons can be seen more clearly. In the center, is Gamabunta, to the right is Gamaken, and to the left, is the unnamed toad Jiraiya summoned a long time ago to visit Naruto in the hospital three years ago. As the smoke clears more, Naruto, with Fukasku and Shima on his shoulders, as well as Killer Bee, stand on top of Gamabunta’s head. The scene focuses on the heroes.)

Fukasku: “Just like ‘dat boy, takes after ‘em.”

Shima: “Always bringin’ us out at ‘da worst of times. Gotdammit!”

Naruto: “I’m sorry Gramps and Granny Sages, but there’s this jutsu that-“

Shima: “Shat up, don’t underestimate us!”

Fukasku: “We figured somethin’ was up with Gamahiro checked out… Now that I feel it for myself, a wicked jutsu must be at work. One that Jiraiya boy talked about when he spoked about his best friend. Had to be dat if I feel the same force that I’m feeling when the six ways eyes were upon us.”

Killer Bee: “Cut da chat! We dealin’ with an invisible!” (Shima nods, makes a handseal, and spits out her tongue, which has a mouth.)

Shima: “I’ll tell ya where it will pop from!” (From behind they hear destruction nearing their way. Gamaken is first to take action. He jumps behind everyone and uses his massive shield to parry the full force of Shinra tensei.)


Fukasku: “Don’t give in son!“ (Shima looks to the right.)

Shima: “BUNTA, yer left, when I give you the signal.”

Gamabunta: “Got it ma’am!” (Gamabunta grasps the hilt of his dagger.)

Shima: “NOW!” (Bunta, quickly twists his body to the left and performs and quick thrust immediately after drawing his blade.)

Gamabunta: “Shit, it’s fast!”

Shima: “You fucked up! IN FRONT!” (The unnamed toad, with extreme speed and power zips in front of everyone, delivers a strong right punch, knocking the summon out cold, followed by dropping a leg on top of the summon, effectively ending its career. Both Killer Bee and Naruto are amazed.)

Fukasku: “That one’s taijtusu and speed outclasses all other toads from Toad Mt.”

(Now, all three huge toads position their backs to each other so that they could guard all openings. In a split second, a small, black sphere soars through the sky, immediately, it starts drawing any and all matter towards it. The Toads, Bee, Naruto, etc, are being drawn towards it.)

Gamaken: “OH NO!”

Gamabunta: “DAMMIT!”

Unnamed Toad: “HRRRGH!”

Killer Bee: “HOLY SHIT!”


Shima: “Do somethin’ kid!”

Fukasku: “NAUTOOO!” (The two elders grasps Naruto’s shoulders, anchoring themselves to him. Naruto puts both of his hands together, splits them apart and forms an Oodama Rasengan…)

Naruto: “That black sphere that’s drawing everything to its center… Maybe I can destroy it!” (Shima smiles.)

Fukasku: “Good thinking!”

Naruto: “My aim has to be perfect; I’ll need a little help!”

(On the outside, it seems Chikbaku Tensei was a success. Seconds later a large explosion erupts as blue energy seeps from every opening . The prison starts to collapse, much to the dismay of Kabuto from another location. As the prison breaks apart, the toads, Naruto, and Killer Bee crash to the ground. They are all injured from the resulting ignition and collision. Naruto, slow to return to his feet, notices that Nagato’s standing right in front of his face.)

Nagato: “I hope this isn’t all you have to offer. If it is, I am truly sorry for the unbearable pain that’s to come…” (Naruto, stumbling, panting and sweating, watches as Nagato pulls out two chakra rods, one in each hand. Naruto lets out a grin.)

Naruto: “My pain is over once this pointless bloodshed cease.”

Nagato: “That’s what I like to hear.”

Next Time: Naruto vs. the Rinnegan!
(Scene switches to kabuto)

Kabuto: That damn itachi!! Always such a nuisance!!
A dark, shadow figure appears behind kabuto, and we see an image of bandages dropping to the floor.


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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