Aug 1, 2011

Naruto 550 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 550
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 550 : Itachi's Gift

Naruto 550 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 550 : Predictions
Naruto 550: Spoilers Naruto 550: Raw Scans
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Naruto 550 : Itachi's Gift
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)

The scene opens wit itachi’s crow coming out of naruto’s mouth
itachi: its a good thing that i left it with you. you are the only one who i could trust with that
bee: WTF is that

the scene switches to kabuto

kabuto: (damn you itachi. even in death you mock me. madara called me a careful person but its actually you who doesnt seize to amaze me. you planned everything and foresaw every outcome. you were a dangerous man to deal with. no wonder orochimaru sama lost to you)
the scene switches back
the crow emerges completely and naruto has a sick expression on his face.

nagato: isnt that one of yours itachi?

itachi: yes, before i fought sasuke, i gave some of my powers to naruto kun. I knew that sasuke was clean as a canvas and anyone could paint it. I also knew that madara would try to approach him and he did. As a fail safe, I implanted an amaterasu in sasuke’s eyes to kill madara but that didnt work. Luckily it wasnt my only fail safe

naruto is now engulfed in a strange chakra and this chakra is merging with his kyuubi mode. everyone is shocked at the sight.

nagato: it cant be
itachi: this is beyond anything that I had ever imagined
bee: what the hell is going on????

itachi: I understand that naruto belongs to the uzumaki clan and thus has the senju blood in him. now that he has the kyuubi under his control he has its massive chakra reservoir. he was practically the body of the sage of 6 paths. now with the powers of an uchiha, he is……
kabuto: the sage himself

everyone is shocked at kabuto’s sudden appearance.
bee: where did you come from?

kabuto: I am in search for the truth of ninjutsu…. what could be more appropriate than to meet a sage of 6 paths himself… am i right naruto kun??

naruto faces the rest. he has the rinnegan and has a calm expression on his face……

next time
Naruto 551: The 4th Sage of 6 Paths

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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