Aug 22, 2011

Bleach 461 Spoilers, Confirmed Spoiler, Predictions

Bleach 461
Title: Fangs of the Moon
Again, this is a prediction spoiler by yours truly.

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Bleach 461
Title : Fangs of the Moon
Credits : jackdi
Verification : Fanfic Prediction
Source :

Cover: Kenpachi running loose in the streets of tokyo with Yachiru on his piggy back.


Ginjo had already seen the result of Ichigo's practice swing.
He was standing put with eyes wide open.
He felt the enormous spiraling reiatsu coming not from Ichigo but from the whole building.
He was holding his sword but cannot lift it.

"Agh! My hands..."
"Am I trembling... Is this Ichigo's power?!!"

Shocked and unable to move, Ginjo stood like a piece of wooden statue.

"Tsu.... Tsukishima!" a shout came from Ginjo's mouth!

With Tushikishima's signal, Chad and Inoue quickly ran infront to defend Ginjo.

"Shiten Kushon!"
"El Muerte!"
Inoue and Chad in unison.

"Chad! Inoue!"
"Out of the way!"
"Get out of the way!"

It was too late already. The Fangs of the Moon has been released!

"Getsuga Tenshou!"
Ichigo now is before Chad and Inoue. He charged Getsuga Tensho with Getsuga Tensho. The force was repelled but

he was pushed back by the force of the explosion.

A splashing explosion from Ichigo's back.
He got hit by Inoue's Shiten Kushon and got blown back in front of them.

"Perforadora del diablo!"
With the Giant's arm on the left and the Devil's arm on the right, Chad punched the building floor with both arms. It

created a barrier of whirling black flames and subsided the spiraling reiatsu of Getsuga.

Ichigo was sent back farther away from Inoue, Chad and Ginjo.

"Hahaha! What now!"
"You can't cut me now Ichigo!"
Ginjo was laughing aloud.

"Ichigo you weakling!!!" shouted Kenpachi!
"Are you telling me that the reiatsu that I've given you is useless?!!?"
"Do you want me to kill you myself after I crush and eat those petty insects!!"

Ichigo stood up from the grounds looking back at Kenpachi with a grin.

"What are you smiling at!?!" shouted Kenpachi!

"I am very greatful for the reiatsu that you've all have shared to me. Please let me finish this my way". Said Ichigo

with the same grin. His eyes are bact to Ginjo.

"Zangetsu is not just a sword, Ginjo. Sooner, you will know why..."

"Dare to cut your own friends, Ichigo?!", mocked Ginjo.

"I already did!" here comes the grin again.

"You what?!?"

Ichigo made another of the practice swing that he made earlier.

"Huh! So you are a heartless friend that you would cut your friends!", said Ginjo with his sword up to defend himself.

"Inoue... Chad.... now!", shouted Ichigo!

Chad punches Inoue's barrier with his El Dericho.
As expected, Inoue's shield exploded upon contact.
Chad was thrown far away because of the impact.
Inoue was thrown away as well. But Rukia caught her.
Ginjo is left in the open.

"What is the meaning of this?" Ginjo was trembling.

Taste the Fangs of the Moon!

Getsuga Tensho!

- - end of episode - -

Bleach 460 : Cries of the Sword
Bleach 461 : Fangs of the Moon
Bleach 462 : (coming soon)  :)

Note:  I did this fanfic prediction myself.  This is my second time doing this.  So guys, be gentle.  Whether if this has worth or not, if you intend to copy and publish this in your own websites, please have the courtesy to ask first.  Thank you.

Be it a confirmed spoiler or just a fanfic prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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