Aug 12, 2011

Bleach 460 Spoilers, Confirmed Spoiler, Predictions

Bleach 460
Title: Cries of the Sword
This is a prediction spoiler by yours truly.

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Bleach 460
Title: Cries of the Sword
Credits: jackdi
Verification: Prediction/Spoiler (FanFic)

Renji and Ichigo playing black jack. Inoue and Rukia is with them too.

Ichigo almost lost consciousness when he heard the words from his father.
He looked to that direction and saw Urahara and Isshen.
He starred at them as asked himself:
"Are they my on my side or on the other? Why are they not helping me?!"

He looked behind him and saw a dark image resembling a lady with a grin.

"Rukia !?!"
"Why did you stab me!?!"
"Are you one of them too?"

Rukia pulled-back her sword!

"Bakudo 21!"
Boom! It sounded like a small firecracker with a lot of smoke. Ichigo's senses got a mild shock. He though the explosion would finish him off.

"Wake-up, you slowpoke!!  Or I'll let you dance with the white moon!

Ginjo was so shocked about the presence of the shinigami.
He rushed-in and made a big swing of his fullbring sword aiming at Ichigo's head. He thought he had aimed correctly but his sword repelled and the impact sent him back.

He looked back at Enoue but it wasn't her.

"Bakudo 39!"
"Step back human. Or I shall take your soul to the other side." said Rukia with a grin.

Ichigo fell to down. It must be because of blood loss.
"Get up you crybaby! Can't you hear his cries you moron!?"

Ichigo is still on the floor. Though he felt the kick on his side, he barely heard Rukia's words.


"...did not..."

"...give you..."

" power..."


" get..."



"...a mere human!..."

"Rukia!?" Ichigo asked himself. ".. no..."

".. Zangetsu!!!"

Note:  I did this fanfic prediction myself.  This is my first time doing this.  So guys, be gentle.  Whether if this has worth or not, if you intend to copy and publish this in your own websites, please have the courtesy to ask first.  Thank you.

Be it a confirmed spoiler or just a fanfic prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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