Jul 20, 2011

Naruto 548 CONFIRMED Spoiler (title : Naruto vs Itachi)

Naruto 548
The confirmed spoiler is out!
Naruto 548 : Naruto vs Itachi

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Naruto 548 : Naruto vs Itachi
Verification : Confirmed
Source: MangaSpoiler

Spoiler preceding the gaara vs kage scene.
This is the first part of 548:
Nagato and Itachi are walking through the mountains.

What lies beyond where Itachi and Nagato, The two great war potentials Madara put his faith in, are heading…?!

548 Naruto vs. Itachi

The morning sun rises
Itachi: We've been walking a lot since the sun rose… We should soon see battle
Nagato: Who on earth are they?'? 

A short while after...
Scene takes place within a forest:
Nagato: "No way…"
Itachi: "Are they close…?"
Nagato: "This already feels nostalgic"
Before their eyes:
B: "!!"
Naruto: "!!?"
B: "Uchiha Itachi…!"
Naruto: "Nagato!!"
B: You know him Naruto?
Naruto: Yeah, both of them…!
Nagato: "No way… To think I would have to fight you… Naruto…"

Gaara scene:

Gaara - The shocking truth.

4th Kazekage is inside the sand.

Gaara : Mother ... loved me ?

Kazekage : ...

Gaara : But ... when Yashamaru went for me ...


Yashamaru : You were never loved.

Kazekage : That was me who ordred Yashamaru to lie to you. To corner you, to see if you could stop you Bijuu from going wild.
Of course, for the village too.

Gaara : ...
Kazekage : If you want to hate someone, don't hate Yashamaru. Hate me.

You can see Naruto 548 RAW SCANS here.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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